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Love cheese? Welcome to the club.  Yet I still find it incredible that I only began to eat cheese when I met my husband.  Before then, besides squeezy spread at law school, I just wasn’t a fan.

These days, I’m not sure I go a day without eating it – and we were delighted when we were invited to join Cathedral City in celebrating their relaunch and share our own “Cheese Rules” – how we eat cheese in our house.  I’m pretty sure we all have our own habits.  I’ll call mine a peccadillo, instead of a weird obsession because it sounds prettier.  The Cathedral City campaign has one of our favourite  celebrities ever at the forefront – David Jason – and any “club” that has him as a member is one we want to be in.

Cathedral City’s survey of our nation’s cheese habits was amazing – apparently 1 in 5 of us love cheese more than social media.  Instagram or cheese? Hmmm….. We identified very quickly with the 43% who eat cheese on Saturdays as a rule.  There’s a quiz on their Facebook page to identify what kind of cheese lover you are, even!  Apparently I’m disappointing – but I think that’s because I wouldn’t give up Instagram when asked 😉  You can win a year’s supply of cheese if you have a go though!

Anyhow, here’s our Cheese Rule.  There’s only one rule that’s important when it comes to Cathedral City cheddar in our house – and everyone knows it.  It has to do with the grater.  Cheese should be light, fluffy and beautiful in presentation on the plate.  Lazy, waxy chunks of cheddar will not be gracing our mealtimes!

Even our two biggest boys know which side of the grater is to be used – and I don’t remember the last time that any other side was in operation.

To demonstrate the deliciousness and superiority of the finer grated cheddar, we’ve served up some loaded Hasselback potatoes for lunch.  Normally they’re just prepared with butter and herbs, but we like to make our into a bit more of a spectacle in the hopes that the boys [potato hating children] will want to try them.  So far, no dice.

Here’s what you will need to make our fancy baked potatoes…

Cathedral City Cheddar

Waxy Potatoes [Charlotte]

Sea Salt [Pepper if you like it]


Unsalted Butter

Sour Cream

I’m not specifying quantities because it will depend on how many potatoes you use as to how much you need – and how much of each topping you’d like!

Of course, you can add more and different toppings that you like.


Our recipe is the simplest ever and perfect for BBQ time or summer picnics!

I forgot the chives for these ones but they were still completely delicious – and the remaining grated cheese was hoovered up by the boys, who apparently needed, “just a little bit” more…and a little bit more after that, too.




What’s YOUR cheese rule?


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This is a collaborative post with Cathedral City

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  1. A peccadillo – I love that! And I love this recipe. You can't beat cheese melted in to soft potato! I'm getting hungry now, just thinking about it!

  2. I'm a cheese lover, probably more than Instagram. I don't think we have any rules though, but we do have a cheesy tradition (See what I did there?) We always celebrate New Years Eve with wine and cheese, as many different and unusual cheeses as I can find. (I tend to pick up some from the Winter Good Food Show) Your potatoes would go down a treat in our house.

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