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Baby Hero is nearly 10 months old and he’s been enjoying a mixture of puree and solid foods since he was 7 months old or thereabouts [I knew to the day with Jensen – poor third child].  As he’s our most keen eater yet [read: we’re worried as a teenager he will eat us out of our home], his weaning journey so far has been so much fun, so fulfilling for both me [heart] and him [tummy].
This week he’s graduated from his pod and tray on the floor with me at mealtimes, to his own gorgeous and pretty amazing wooden highchair from BabyMoov.  I’ve had three highchairs to date and this one blows all of them away.  I can completely take each part off to clean – even the straps, and it stores to 15cm wide.  It’s just brilliant.  It was obvious from the moment we assembled it [it took five minutes] that it’s been designed by people who actually know mums and dads…and babies who lunch like it’s a full scale food fight.
So, highchair in action, from past experience I know the adventurous stage might not last forever and there will most likely come a day when he turns his nose up at whatever is on his plate.  I worry about each of my boys’ nutrition and from my own experience with Gestational Diabetes, I worry even more about Hero’s future as he is more likely than the other two to be prone to type 2 Diabetes as he grows up.
Even worse is that I know I am probably his – and his brothers’  biggest challenge.  I’m a feeder.  I take great pleasure in feeding my boys and I’m also a hugely soft touch when it comes to Lyoto in particular as he is at the finicky stage and would live on pistachios, grapes, crumpets and nutella if I let him.
After a bit of reading and lot of common sense, I’ve decided to clean up our diets and begin with Hero’s as his will be the easiest to change.  Not that he eats rubbish, but he has baby snacks and purees with ingredients I can’t pronounce and have no idea of their effect on his body.  Hero is going to become a paleobaby, bit by bit.  It makes the most sense to me.  I’ll be so much happier knowing just what goes into my boys’ bodies.
We’ll share our favourite recipes here on the blog – they’ll be simple as I’m no Gordon Ramsay – and we’d love to hear from anyone who has a favourite meal too.
What are your thoughts on your children’s diets?  Have you considered the paleo lifestyle?

Our beautiful highchair was provided by BabyMoov as part of the ambassador relationship, but the opinions are my own.

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  1. Awe Hero is an adorable baby. He seems like a good eater too. I don't blame you I think it's important to know exactly what you're baby is eating. My grandmother is a feeder. She always wanted to make sure we eat.

  2. wau.beautiful pictures i have t looks so cute and adorable. i am not a mother yet so i dnt know lot about diets but it seems really nice and intressting (brook)

  3. I am not sold on the paleo diet. It feels like a fad thing to me but whatever floats your boat and tastes good right?
    Our son's highchair got ridiculously messy too! He was a master of mess and he also ate everything! So I'm talking smashed avocadoes and spaghetti sauce and rice noodles —- ack! I'm so glad that we won't ever have to deal with highchairs again!!
    your wee one is so adorable 🙂

  4. When my husband and I went paleo last year, the kids came along for the ride. I noticed that their attention was sharpened, their sleep more refreshing, and their overall moods were improved. It is amazing how well our bodies respond and function normally when we eat whole, non processed foods.

  5. I'll have to admit that I never thought of feeding a baby Paleo, but I can't think of many things that would make this a bad choice. I have always just stuck to whole foods for my daughter and it's worked pretty well for us, but reducing the amount of grains and sugars your baby take in can definitely can't hurt!

  6. Creating your own puree foods and baby foods is super easy and that way you know exactly what your kids are eating and so that you can pronounce everything in them 🙂

  7. Hero is so cute! My son was also a big eater and now at 17 he still is. It was so important for me to know what he was eating. I hated reading the ingredients label and seeing a bunch of extra stuff. I could make the same thing at home with fresh ingredients and it would taste even better than store bought.

  8. Wow, your baby looks adorable, I want to give your baby warm hug and kisses. I remember my grand son I feed him when he was a baby like this, and I enjoyed it.

  9. I go back and forth with the Paleo diet! I have never liked dairy besides cheese so it's not that hard for me… But I always end up cheating with cheese lol… I want my daughter to be on the Paleo diet but hubby has a fit every time he sees me swapping her milk out for almond milk lol….

  10. My granddaughter will eat any and everything put on her plate too. Her parents have been giving her veggies since she could eat solids and now she tackles 'em like they're the best treats in the world. 😉

  11. I remember my nephew would eat a lot of Ferber baby stuff and my parents, being Eastern European and really into home cooked preparations, would cook different oatmeal and blend different foods for him in the magic bullet.

  12. We eat a mostly paleo diet in our house, but my son definitely has some snacks that are questionable. He just love crackers and the ones I tried to make at home did not satisfy him, so I try and follow the 80/20 rule where he's eating good stuff 80% of the time.

  13. What a sweet baby and your photography is fantastic. I can't wait to read more about the recipes that you are going to share with us. I don't have children yet, but I already know that when I do, I'm going to be very conscious of what I feed them.

  14. I think it's so important to keep on top of your children's diets. My husband and I are slowly switching our family meals to more paleo. I think it really is so much better for you.

  15. We are on the Paleo lifestyle right now. Not 100% but pretty committed. When my kids were little they were on a pretty healthy diet. We used the Magic Bullet for a lot of our meals for the kids.

  16. I think some days I do worry more than others about what Jaxon is eating but some days I just need to get him fed. I wanted to be super amazing and make everything from scratch but I just don't seem to be able to. Trying to keep the house running around three boys is enough of a challenge! I guess if I set my mind to it and got organised I could do it and while he's little and hasn't had the taste of junk (well other than the junk passed to him via my breastmilk!) I can keep him away from it a bit longer

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