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As it’s Thursday, we’re scraping the bottom of the treats drawer for the week and so we decided today would be a good day to make some scones for Dadda to come home from work and enjoy with us.  As it turned out, Dadda arrived home early from work with a nasty sickness bug and the last thing he wanted to do was enjoy anything edible (we’ll call them edible anyway) but he appreciated our efforts ~ and we all know it’s the thought that counts.

We decided to make mini scones, because everything is cuter when it’s small (see exhibit one, below).

Exhibit One: Undoubtedly Cuter Than Me

Stirring and mixing seem to have a calming effect on our rambunctious Baby Dragon.  Fixed up with his bowlful of caster sugar, flour and butter, squawking away to Excalibur, he was in Baby Dragon heaven.

As always, one leg on and one leg off.  (Thank you, Granny, for the super cute leg warmers.)

Oh, those little (floury) toes.

Stir, stir, stir…

Our Little Adventurer gave his baby brother a hand in steadying his bowl.

“I’ll help you, Rey-dotes!” he chirruped at him.

Baby Dragon was not willing to give up his bowl of crummy goodness and so Jensen got started on cutting his scones out. Cut, wiggle, release onto baking sheet.  I don’t even need to tell him now.

We saved Lyoto’s bowl for Jensen’s brainwave scones.  You can see those tomorrow.



After a little mauling by a now highly interested Lyoto, the scones were ready for Bernie.


Whilst they were baking, the mess spread even further…and the mischief levels increased.


“That’s it, Excalibur….. Gooood husky….”


“”What do you mean, I’m heavy? I’m your brother!”

Momma meanwhile was left with the fallout…it was bad.  I’ll bet it would even make a few of you cry.


We’re glad they tasted so good. It made getting the flour out of the floorboards worth it….almost.


And there we have it…. Momma’s mini scones, done.  Tomorrow, Jensen’s super fun scones!

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