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When you’ve got two Valentine boys, two years apart, and a nineteen month at home, you know Valentine’s Day isn’t going to be a hearts and flowers, dinner and dancing until the small hours affair.    No pretty dresses, no make up and exquisite restaurant food – it’s a jeans and t-shirt, making chocolate and sprinkle covered birthday cakes and skating in the park, then home to watch a Disney movie kind of day.  I wouldn’t swap it though, not even for afternoon tea at Claridges.*

In an attempt to enjoy a little of the high life on the 14th, the mister and I were treated by Charlie Bigham to a selection of their delicious Valentine meals, in limited edition Valentine packaging.  We chose three – Beef Cannelloni, Chicken Jalfrezi and Boeuf Bourguignon.
Only £7 in Waitrose, and the ease of just being able to pop one of their dishes into the oven and leave to cook, combined with the absolute deliciousness of the food made Charlie Bigham’s boeuf bourguignon the perfect Valentine meal.  It was tender, flavoursome and just so good.  We were surprised that it was served with dauphinoise potatoes, but they made the perfect accompaniment to the beef, and we added a little kale of our own to balance everything out.

To toast our 15th Valentine’s day, Echo Falls sent us their Limited Edition Fusion created especially for the occasion.  Although I know nothing about wine, I truly enjoyed the light, fresh yet sweet floral taste of rose petals.  As I prefer chilled drinks, the mister added a little ice to my glass, which was bliss.  
We served our meal on beautiful Vera Wang for Wedgwood tableware from Amara.  It was perfect for the occasion.
*Although I would really, truly love this one day, hint, hint, *cough* husband.

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