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So it’s half term thanks to an INSET day to end the week and it’s all kicking off in our house, literally.  There’s a huge issue over Trick or Treating.  Usually we all dress as the same – last year was Five Nights at Freddy’s and they were Foxy, Chica and Balloon Boy.  This year Jensen wants to be Thanos, Hero wants to be Captain America and Yotie… Yotie has broken off and wants to be a skeleton because he feels, and I quote, “it’s more Hallowe’eny”.  Oh dear.  This has not gone down well.

If you were watching on our IG stories this week you’ll have seen that as soon as we started half term, Yotie and Gav got in SEVEN boxes of Halloween decorations from the garage before Gav set off for work, and the boys rifled through them, emptying Hallowe’en all over the living room.  So now I’m sitting in a huge pile of Mickey Pumpkins and cobwebs, and thankfully fake spiders, and wondering where to put it all.

Anyhow, the dilemma.  They’re still arguing it out and Yotie is adding every skeleton costume to the Amazon basket that he can find.  Other than Skeletor I can’t seem to convince the other two that he’s a valid superhero, and the boys want me to be Black Widow, which equals a long red wig and bullet belt from Amazon and ta-daaaa, I’m done!

swizzels #halloweensortedswizzels #halloweensortedWe do have a huge thanks to say to Swizzels who sent us the HUGEST box of sweeties this week to make sure our Halloween is sorted – and embarrassingly I realised that my grocery bill was significantly less this week as I wasn’t buying sweeties for everyone.

I hope Hallowe’en is more peaceful in your house – my head is banging already.

swizzels #halloweensorted swizzels #halloweensorted We were gifted the sweeties from Swizzels and under no obligation to mention them on our blog, but as we love them and we’re grateful, we’re doing it 🙂 


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