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Why am I wearing this?  Said a little voice.

Read it.  Said the big voice.

Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh…. Smiled the little voice.

Pause. Grin.

I say that, don’t I, Mom?

Launched in 2014, Kid + Kind creates clothing that makes parents, especially boy moms like me, race to the virtual checkout line.  Unique, comfortable, durable clothing that is loved [and fought over].  We are so proud to showcase a brand that my boys love so much – and actively seek out of their wardrobe.

Kid + Kind’s founder and owner, Jacqueline Sage, created clothing for little ones like my boys because after years working in the fashion industry for some of the biggest names in clothing, she had seen quite enough of mass-produced products and wanted to create outfits that do exactly what she hoped – they make our children smile. They remind them of their relevance in the world, and how beautiful they are.

We have three pieces by Kid + Kind, two of which are negotiated over frequently, and one panda feelings shirt which Baby Hero adores and never has to share because of his size…but if he did, there would be some baby muscles being flexed.
Boy Moms take heart…Husbands and partners of boy moms, be prepared.  The postman’s about to be busy.

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  1. This is such a cute little shirt! I also love the story behind it from the beginning of the post. Like your son, I have these moments of realization often!

  2. What gorgeous photos, you have a very handsome model. It is hard to find stylish clothing for boys but these are great x

  3. Finding different style and comfortable clothes for boys is a bit hard compared to finding clothes for girls. Thanks for sharing the link on this one, I will check it out for my son's clothing need. Your model is super cute.

  4. Gorgeous photos you little one looks like he knows how to model! The clothes are gorgeous and I love the colour of his trousers!

  5. Hi is so adorable. I see modeling in his future. 🙂 I miss my son being this age. Enjoy! Once they get to be teens it's so difficult to dress them. My son won't wear long sleeve tees/shirts, even when it's 0 degrees out. It drives me nuts.

  6. This sounds like an awesome place to find the perfect clothes indeed. He is so adorable and the shirt too. I will have to share this with my sister and niece who both have little ones. Thanks for sharing.

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