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I  had planned on writing so many wishlists/gift guides this year but thanks to being out and about, time has caught up with me and I’ve already bought most of everything I need thanks to reading everyone else’s lists.  However, there’s one place where I always have a million wishes for – my kitchen.  Here’s my Christmas Kitchen Wishlist for the second smallest room in our house [the bathroom is marginally smaller…I think, thanks Hampshire property prices].

This is no random list.  I’ve spent SO long putting this list together and managed to bring it down to nine items that are just beautiful [and functional, so the mister will approve].

Top of my Christmas Kitchen Wishlist is the portable wood fired pizza oven.  My boys seem to have morphed into the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles this year and have developed a deep love for the Italian delight.  I think they’ve only had maybe one actual Italian style pizza, and so this seems like a brilliant idea.  I can pretend to be Gennaro Contaldo.

Also featuring is a utensil that’s perfect for Lyoto – the Nutella spoon.  I’ve no idea how much he eats annually, but I’m guessing that I am probably owed some shares in it.  I’ve never known anyone love it as much as he does.  I also adore stamped spoons, they’re much less likely to be lost as they’re easily identifiable – and Lyoto would never take this one to the garden to dig [I hope].

So, here are the Christmas Kitchen Wishlist details, for those of you who are still hoping to find the perfect gift for someone special.

1. Wood fired pizza oven

It’s top of my list. I’m going to keep hinting about it.

2. Silver walnut Crackernut

I keep singing “Golden nutmeg and a silver pear” in my head although I’ve no idea why.  This is exquisite and we don’t have a working nutcracker in the house except for that one that manages to shoot nuts everywhere and get your finger instead.

3. Ceramic iPad holder

No more cookbook stands [that my boys took to be a bookstand for their toys], this is the most brilliant item ever.  No more panicking where I put the iPad in the kitchen, and I could watch whatever I wanted in peace….

4. Dessert plates

Every time I ask people about dessert at our house, I get a variety of answers and so these are perfect.

5. Nutella Spoon

I may or may not also have gotten this. Cough.

6. Marble Christmas tree chopping board

It looks like it’s been dipped in snow and as I don’t have anything marble in my kitchen [gasp] it’s on my list.

7. Brass ice cream scoop

Like pizza, my family love ice cream on the same level.  Jensen would love it if I could get his cookie dough ice cream out without bending a spoon…

8. Le Creuset Casserole pot

It’s pretty and blue – even called Coastal Blue, which would make me buy it on description alone.  I’ve had my Le Creuset pans for 22 years now and they are still as perfect as the day I got them [and hauled them home in pain, those are heavy pans].

9. Rustic wooden chopping board

This has a gorgeous bark edge to it [you may have already seen it in my Del Monte trifle post as I couldn’t resist it] and doubles as a cheeseboard it’s so fantastic.

Happy shopping!

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