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Lumo Stars

My boys, like nearly every child I’ve ever met, LOVE  furry toys.  We have so many, and often I begrudge new ones entering the house.  But not this week.  This week we’ve been cuddling and snuggling up with the Lumo Stars Northern Brights plushies and they’re just gorgeous.  They’re the furry toys that I wish I’d had as a child.  

Created in Finland, we were sent 6 of the new Lumo Star plushies and their storybook to play with, and although all three boys loved them, Hero was pretty swift to claim 3 of them for himself and he ran off to his little tent to hide with them.  Haha.  

We have a real love for Nordic creatures and so many of them are featured in the Lumo Stars collection – there are animals which the boys have never been able to get in plushie form; puffins, hedgehogs – they were overjoyed when they opened the box and saw the most beautiful faces looking at them with wide, bright eyes that appear to have captured the beauty of the Northern Lights.  Rainbow colours shine back at you when you peer into their faces like no other toy we’ve ever seen.Lumo Stars

There are  36 different Lumo Stars plush toys available in sizes 8.5cm, 15cm and 24cm and are priced so reasonably at £12.99 for the large, £6.99 for the 15cm classic Lumo Stars and the little backpack keyrings are the same price as an average blind bag toy at £3.99. Jensen has already calculated that if he completes all of his chores, he can afford a backpack keyring next week!

Along with the little Lumo Stars creatures, there’s a storybook to read.  It’s written by Kati Helijakka, and called Northern Brights Bedtime Story. The boys love new books to read in any case, but having a story that shows their new furry friends was so exciting for them.  The book tells the tale of Nordic creatures talking about their love of different seasons.  They talk about the reasons they’re thankful for Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter and how they love and are so excited to see the Northern Lights. It’s such a heartwarming story that brings the plushies to life in the eyes of your little ones.

Their super soft fur – it’s silky and smooth and shimmers – which is perfect for bedtime!

That there’s an app!  If you download and then scan your little plushie’s QR code on its tag, you can name then, play games and feed them!  Hero loves taking selfies with Lunnie the Puffin, but Jensen is impressed with the facts on the information cards about his new fluffy friends.

That some are fantasy coloured and some are realistic colours – So there’s a choice for those who prefer to make believe and some who like their toys a little closer to the real world.

That they have their own little storybook, which makes my boys want to go to bed and snuggle up to hear it.

The range – there are some really unusual animals in there, and there are male and female of most of them too, so little ones can decide to have a female creature or male.

Lumo Stars

Odd, I know, but my boys wished that they could squeeze the larger toys and either hear a lullaby for bed or that their cheeks would glow like a nightlight.  There’s nothing not to love with the toys so we had to think really hard for this one!

We were sent our Lumo Stars to be reviewed, free of charge, but all thoughts are honest and our own.

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