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Friday after school is the perfect time for a puzzle – and lucky for us today we’ve been sent a beautiful one from Ravensburger, the  Paddington Bear Giant Floor Jigsaw Puzzle.  We’re always happy when we have new jigsaw puzzles – [and I think I might be the happiest] because the boys do them so often that I need a bit of a challenge too.  Some of our old ones I wonder if I could do in GuinnessWorld Record time, I know them so well.  As Hero adores Paddington [he loves marmalade as much as the bear], he was really excited to open it and start jigsawing.  

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This is a 60 piece, giant puzzle measuring 50 x 70cm when assembled.  There’s a linen-like finish to the jigsaw which makes it unusual.  The age is listed as 4+ but there are no small parts, and I’m happy letting Hero play with it at age 3.

paddington bear giant floor puzzle  jigsaw

Jigaws. Ha ha.  But seriously, we love the Paddington Bear Giant Floor Jigsaw Puzzle because it’s so big that everyone can get involved – no one is jostling each other and there are more than enough bits to go around.  It also takes at least ten minutes to put together with three boys and so it’s great for doing whilst they’re waiting for dinner to be ready.  You see, no matter how many times I explain that they need to find the outside bits first, they get carried away with connecting the faces of whatever subject is in the jigsaw and get virtually nowhere until I help them out.

paddington bear giant floor puzzle  jigsaw

There was a way that jigsaw boxes were smaller.  I’m running out of space!

Paddington Giant Floor Jigsaw Puzzle

For around £10, we love this as a rainy day puzzle or a birthday present.  There’s enough of a challenge for three boys with all of the different colours and patterns on the pieces, and Paddington is gorgeously drawn on there.  It’s great quality and we’d buy it.

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