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When you’re little, those collectible animals/monsters/crazy looking food pieces in blind bags are irresistible.  I can still remember buying as many 20p plastic charm keyrings as I possibly could when I was younger [even though I had no keys]- and on a more expensive level collecting about 20 Care Bear miniature toys, one per week if I was lucky from Tesco after shopping night.

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What we never had when I was teeny though were playsets – a kind of world for our little characters to inhabit – my care bears lived in a little brambly wonderland on the pavement that I made for them, but I wished I had a Carealot for them to live in that was specially made for them.

This week we were sent some Jungle in my Pocket blind bags – with their own habitat, a Jungle in my Pocket Treehouse playset.  The set contains 11 pieces – including two exclusive animals.  There’s a seesaw, hurdle, tree swing, some food and water, a launcher and a treehouse with waterfall and treetop canopy.  The Jungle in my Pocket animals are flocked and soft and not squishy like some miniatures, and my boys loves opening the blind bags to see who was arriving to play in the treehouse.  They spent their downtime at Warwick Castle perched in the most treehouse-like location they could, playing little animals together.

The Jungle Treehouse set is £24.99, and blind bags are £2.49 – and here’s what we thought…

Jungle in my pocket playset

The colours – bright, fun and not too feminine, which we love because although my boys don’t care what colour toys are, it grinds on me when anything that requires love – like little animals – automatically seems to become a designated “girl” toy and is swiftly decorated in gentle pink and pastel hues.

How the accessories are fun for the animals to actually use – there’s a seesaw and a little hurdle, and a food launcher.  Everything is very sweet and with a touch of adventure.

That there are only 25 animals to collect.  There’s a greater likelihood of my boys being able to collect all of the animals which

The quality of the little animals – they don’t feel like mass produced, penny a time figures.  There’s something nicer about flocked creatures with little expressionate eyes that makes me more likely to say yes in the supermarket than another box of odd smelling rubbery plastic oddities.

The rhino and the croc figures. haha.  They’re adorable.

That this is a set which can occupy more than two little people – there are stand a lone pieces in the set like the seesaw that mean all of the activity isn’t centred in the main part of the set.


That the treehouse was somehow more like the figures – maybe flocked in some way, I don’t know. The boys loved it, but for me the figures and the treehouse just don’t match up aesthetically.

Jungle in my pocket treehouse playset

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  1. This looks like a nice playset, although I’m wary of buying my granddaughter anything “collectible” after my daughter amassed a huge collection of Beanie Babies.

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