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This week we’ve been on Summer holiday and playing with the Fuzzikins Campervan Carrycase.  It’s a craft/toy playset for little people centred around the world of Fuzzikins, which remind me of larger, simpler Sylvanian Families from my childhood – except that you can colour them in yourself, designing your own characters.  I wish I’d had these when I was little!

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Currently sponsoring Disney Junior on weekday afternoons [which is where we saw them first!] the Fuzzikins Craft sets are created to encourage imaginative play all in a single carry case that’s easy to tidy away!

The boys made their own little video for this review – directed and edited by them too – take a look!

So here’s what we thought of the Fuzzikins Campervan Carrycase…

Colouring in the Fuzzikins – ours became pirate Fuzzikins, and they loved designing them.  Luckily Hero was asleep so the two bigger boys got one Fuzzikin each!

The campervan is sweet and is great for containing everything after play.

That the Fuzzikins are washable – although I haven’t been allowed to test that out yet…haha.


That the bed was easier to flip down – you can see in their little video how difficult it was initially – on the second time it took a chopstick to lever it down for play.  The hole it too small to fit a finger in properly, even a little one.

That there were some more accessories for the Fuzzikins on their adventure – maybe a cup and plate each?

Perhaps the stickers could be reusable ones – the kind that are made to cling to windows, that would prolong the life of the toy and lead to longer playing times.

The surfboard clipped back to create a handle easier – we still haven’t managed to reattach it.

You can buy the Fuzzikins Campervan Carrycase for £19.99 and is available from Interplay UK.

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