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Every  Saturday morning, I wake up way before everyone else in our home.  I get my shoes, grab the car keys and drive down the country lane that takes me to my favourite weekend hangout – the flower market.  I fill my arms with flowers, have a chat with the people that work there, and come home happy that our lunch table will look pretty for the rest of the week.  I love, love, love flowers.

Yesterday there was a knock at the door and unusually for us and our poor postmen, we weren’t expecting anything at all.  I was handed a big brown flower box addressed to me and I took it, confused as it’s not my birthday, anniversary or anything else that I might like flowers for – and so I peeped inside to find not just beautiful, heavenly scented flowers but DISNEY flowers. Beauty and the Beast flowers from Flowersdirect!  It was such a lovely surprise and to celebrate the release of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast DVD [which has not gone unnoticed by the boys, who are expecting to be watching it this weekend for movie night] and the bouquet is cleverly themed to the Belle’s dress.Disney flowers direct Beauty and the BeastThe Beauty and the Beast flowers are yellow in hue to celebrate Belle’s iconic dress in the ballroom dance scene – the cymbodium [that’s orchid to you and me] gives shape to the bouquet and the solidago [now I know the name of that flower too!] are to emulate the delicate fabric of her ballgown.  They smell so beautifully – none of the blooms overpowers the other and the scent blends together to make our living room so summery.Disney flowers direct Beauty and the BeastI fell in love with the flowers immediately – not just because they’re so exquisite, but because the exact shade of my wedding orchids feature in the bouquet!  It made me think of our own Disney wedding [which I still have to finish blogging – the goal is by my tenth anniversary, haha] and my little Disney loving heart is just so delighted to be treated to something so special.  I’m sat here writing next to the enormous bouquet – and so here are a few photos for you to have a look at!  This isn’t a sponsored post – I’m posting because I know SO many Disney ladies in my life who would LOVE some Disney themed flowers, gentlemen!  Head over the Flowersdirect because they’re just so lovely – and where else can you get such an amazing Disney treat for grown ups these days?!

Thank you Flowersdirect – I absolutely adore them.  Disney flowers direct Beauty and the Beast Disney flowers direct Beauty and the Beast

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