Looking Back: Our Walt Disney Fairytale Honeymoon (Part 4)

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So, we walked through the Mickey Ears and embarked!  Naturally I expected to quietly board the ship and find our room. Simple, hmm?  No.  Not on this ship.  On this ship you get announced over a microphone and your photo taken!  We were beyond excited.

After the cheering,  we stepped onto the ship and our jaws dropped.  We could not believe the splendour of the ship.  I’m not sure anyone can.  It was more beautiful than any hotel I have ever seen.

Soon it was time for the sail away party! I passed old red-head on the way there (she stole my man, lucky for Gavin).  The back story here is that the Little Mermaid film was released way back when I was in University.  I fell in love with Prince Eric and so with a friend of mine made the “Prince Eric Benchmark” by which to measure future boyfriends through out Law School and life.  My parents were very well aware of this and when Gavin proposed, my Dad bought me a Prince Eric Doll, wrapped it and on the gift label it said, “the best man won.”  And indeed he did.

Then it was time to get up on deck for the sail away party!  There were streamers and confetti and by this point Gav and I had already guzzled a couple of tropical cocktails and we were very happy indeed.






Someone had a few too many… 😉


Then out came the gang!  My little heart skipped a beat.


This is the only time the ship ever felt crowded.  I still cannot believe how many people were apparently on there; we never saw them!



As we started to pull away during the party, we were waved off by Mickey’s helpers…

Bon Voyage!!!


Married and on the Mickey Boat.  Happy Mogwai.


Gav, desperate for the moment he can shout, “Land Ahoy!”


As we were leaving, we tried so hard to get a nice, normal holiday photo together…

Smiling, we’re smiling!


Is this normal?



How many teeth? Champion race horses have smaller snappers.


It is SO hard for us to look normal.

Then, with the U.S Coast Guard and his artillery at our side and service, we pulled away.  I felt as light as air.  I’ve never felt any sentiment like it, peace and pure exhilaration mixed together. We were off on an adventure, our once in a lifetime experience. Together.




I’m not sure when I’ve ever felt more relaxed….


…and off we sailed, into the blue.

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