Looking Back: Our Walt Disney Fairytale Honeymoon (Part 5)

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Before we get any further on our trip, I think I should let you have a look at the ship.  It’s amazing.  Breathtaking.  Like no luxury you’ve ever experienced before (if you’re like me).  So, here is the view of the lobby from the lift… Let me take you to our stateroom!

Here it is, room 6076!  I loved saying, “Stateroom”.  Maybe because we live just outside of Southampton, but it reminds me of the Titanic and that makes me happy.  It reminds me of more elegant times when ladies dressed for dinner and men drank Port.

We were a Cat.6 room and so we had a balcony of our own.  This turned out to be a blessing and a curse as you’ll see (and so did many other people) later on…


This is the inside of our stateroom.  So much bigger than I expected!

Every little Disney detail was perfect.  I love nautical themes anyway.



If you were a little boy, this would be the best bedroom furniture ever.


Now we get to the bathroom.  It was tiny and perfect!

…and it had lots of cute Mickey products in it!

We actually had two bathrooms ~ one with a toilet and one without.  We even had a bath!  Gav took his time to take a mirror photo with his magical powers…

After we unpacked our things we had a few moments before Muster Drill and so we went to check our reservations for Palo.




…and I managed to find a HUGE porthole to sit in!



We decided to go and take a stroll on deck (which deck I do not remember)…

I think this was the place I had my first cocktail onboard….. Mmm….

Soon it was time for lunch and we were given a choice of location.  We chose Parrot Cay.  There was an enormous buffet and we loved it.  Everything aside from the Strawberry Soup that is.  I really wanted to try it but it just did not sit right with me.  Ewww….

Still smiling though 😉



Then it was time for another cocktail I think.  They were so good.

People were already in the pool!  We still had Muster Drill to do!





Do you see towels and things already on sunloungers?  Some things never change…



The adults’ pool….

The pool for the rich people…

The sports deck…

Gav and I had a little time for relaxing and then it was back to get ready for the drill.

Now pay close attention here.  See Gav’s liftjacket?  Fits him well, yes?

Let’s do a little distraction ~ I loved this photo in our room of Walt and his wife.  Now, back to ME and MY jacket.  Notice anything?


Yes, it’s a CHILD’s jacket.  I may as well have thrown myself overboard.  Gav had handed me one and I put it on, knowing no different.  Luckily the Cast Members spotted it straight away, and I was rescued.  Imagine how embarrassed I was….and how hilarious Gav found it.

I may as well have gotten it over with….  But when we returned to our room there was a sweet card from Guest Services and our trip tickets for the duration of the cruise!


We were on holiday!!!  Let the good times roll 😉

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