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On the morning of
the 2nd I woke up to find a card on my bed with the inscription “Mogwai
the Kid”
on it. Now Mogwai is Gavin’s nickname for me (based on the
Gremlins film, it’s easy to use your imagination)
but the “the kid” part
had me confused. When I opened it, there was a card with a smiling
horse on it. I could not believe it! Gavin had arranged to take me
horse riding at the Tri-Circle D Ranch at Fort Wilderness!

I bounced out of bed, showered and changed and we realised we would not
make our breakfast reservation but I could care less (we did cancel)! I was going horse
riding! We figured we could eat afterwards.
We got to the ranch and checked in, stating that we would like helmets (some people ride without?!) and went to take our place in the waiting area…
After a short wait we were told to
step up and mount our horses! This was made much easier than I
imagined as you simply step onto a platform and throw your leg carefully
over the horse and place feet in stirrups.
I have NEVER, EVER been horseriding before although I have wanted to for
as long as I can remember. Losing all of the weight that I did for thewedding made
this possible, it was like a reward for me! Gav was so thoughtful. I
had no idea he had arranged this for me!
My horse was called Domino and we got a little instruction on how to
handle them. Gav’s was called Apache. Domino was naughty a few times
and tried to overtake Gavin’s horse (you must stay in line) and when he
was pulled back into line, at the end of the trail he pushed Apache out
of the way and jumped the queue! We were laughing so much, he was such a mischievous horse!
We had a brilliant time, I was so elated that one of my forever dreams had come true, and all because of Gavin’s kind thoughts.
We hung around a little while and took a few photos of the wildlife (we’re geeky like that).
A little reptile!!!
Then we headed back to the Boardwalk.


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