Our Walt Disney Fairytale Wedding (Series): August 1st Continued…And Finished.

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After the Crab House, we wandered over to Goofy’s Candy Company to loiter outside and try and spot Melissa.

Outside Goofy’s I cannot see Melissa anywhere. I’m
wondering whether we’ve missed her when I spot a man who looks
remarkably like he should be called Robert (her husband to be at the time…now her husband) so I try it like in the
movies… “(quiet voice) Robert?” then “Robert?” until he looks up and
realises we are indeed the people he was supposed to be looking out for
whilst Melissa was in the bathroom. We shake hands and Melissa arrives!  We hug for about an hour, then we go into
Goofy’s with the aim of exiting with 32 Mickey Ear treats.
I tell the kind Goofy’s lady what I want and she stares at me like I have told
her there is no Santa. She then tells me that she is about to go off
shift in 10 minutes. Eek! She asks why I want them all and I tell her
that I need them for my wedding and she takes pity on me. She asks her
boss if she can stay and make the treats because she says she is the
only one who makes them with sprinkles all over and oreo cookie ears! I
was so delighted, we watched her for ages and then took it in shifts to
wander around the shop.
Some of our treats drying!
I loved Goofy’s ~ it was so colourful, although smaller than I expected.
We had the treats boxed up, paid and Melissa and Robert so kindly offered us a lift back to the Boardwalk and so we hopped on the boat to Port
Orleans to their car.  When we reached the hotel they even offered to help us bag the treats. I
was so tired by then and I’m sure they were too, yet I knew they would
stay and help if we needed them. True friends.

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