RunDisney… Jingle Jungle 5k!

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We’re only 230 days away from our oh-so-long-awaited  holiday at the House of Mouse!  Our preparations are in full swing (in my head anyway) but today is one of those days when I actually get to BOOK something.  Get something set in stone.  I like plans.  Plans mean we’re doing something.

As the Food and Wine Festival is being celebrated for part of the time that we are in Walt Disney World this year, we are presented with a unique opportunity to have some unusual family fun!

Over the weekend of the 9th and 10th of November this year, the Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend is taking place.  There are various events (including the half marathon), but one in particular caught our attention…the Jingle Jungle 5k.

So in November, our whole family will be running the Jingle Jungle 5k around Walt Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and then Jensen and Lyoto will be running in their 100m kids’ dash and the 1 mile event also.

We’ll be wearing a festive costume of some kind, we just don’t know what yet, so any ideas are gratefully received.  As a Disney Bride, we are considering having a Disbrides shirt to wear as so many of us love to run!

Lyoto has yet to run with us, unlike Jensen who entered his first 5k at just 4 months old, racing in my BabyHawk for Race 4 Life.  So whilst I’m waiting for registration to open, here are a few photos of Our Little Adventurer in some of his races to date.

Southampton Big Fun Run…
(Otherwise known as the race where Momma got a bit competitive at the end)

RNLI Santa Dash…

RNLI Reindeer 5k Run

and the Tommys Baby Race 8k…

Tick, tock….. We’re watching the clock….

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  1. How fun!! So excited for you guys, and I am exactly the same, I love to plan. Booking ANYTHING makes it all seem more "real" and its so much more fun to count down… YAY!

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