Feed the Birds, Just Like Mary Poppins…

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Well, sort of.  In the style that Mary would be proud of anyway.

For his birthday, our Little Adventurer received the coolest set of
wildlife-loving gifts ever from his cousins in the Midlands.  Saturday
morning it seemed a particularly good time to break into one of the
boxes and make a start and so we chose “Me and My Birds” (which made Dadda and me laugh because we’re immature) and set about getting things ready to create delectable treats for our feathered friends.

The kit had everything that was needed to make birdy biscuits, birdy cupcakes (so sweet!), and fill a special birdy-feeder (I like saying birdy) with
mix for them to peck away at.  There was magic mix, oats, fruit and
seeds in the pack which were ready to be combined with water in a child
sized bowl to be mashed together with a wooden spoon.

Jensen took to reading the instructions in his own way and Baby Dragon decided that this was clearly something he needed to be involved in and planted himself at the making table.

Initially Jensen helped measure things out and then began the mixing, taking it in turns… I love Jensen’s puffed out nostrils as he holds the bowl for his brother.  Patience in an is-it-my-turn-yet way.

Mixing is apparently tough work.  It requires attitude.

After managing to prise some determined one year old fingers off the bird bowl,  Baby Dragon soon found solace mixing his own bird mix of peanuts and
seeds with some cooled lard (Mmmm) and being trailed by two hungry
huskies who were trying to decide if they could get past the crunchiness
of the seeds to enjoy some lardy goodness.  Excalibur decided that even
if he had to tweet and hop like a sparrow, he was going to get some.


Brother added more nuts. Nuts are good.


Whilst Lyoto was engrossed, the cupcake creations began!

Good enough to eat, sort of.

After the success of the cupcakes, we decided to make biscuits (Chip and Dale shaped ones). The mix needed to be pressed into the mould, and then a dowel pierced the mix to make the hole where the ribbon would go.

Lastly we decided to stuff the log.  I think this was my favourite.  The little twittery ones can perch on each side and peck away to their hearts’ content. I’m most interested to see if the pigeons give this one a shot 😉

says he doesn’t like this kind of thing…but we know he does.
Secretly he loves the stodgy mess that we make (and smear everywhere for
him to clean up).
  He’s good at keeping secrets like that. Look how happy he is. I bet he’s even imagining scraping that bird mix off the table right now.

There’s still mix left in the kit after making everything. Thank you, Wildings!  Awesome gifts as always.  We know the blackbirds will love them.

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  1. We did something very similar for one of our Country Kids posts. The kids were so funny watching out for the birds to come, perched just yards away from the table!

    1. I hope we get the same result! We usually have just peanuts in a feeder, the most exciting thing to have happened to our birds was the Great Locust Massacre of 2009…. But that's another story!

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