Happy Mothers’ Day!

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This is my fourth mothers’ day.  I love this day more than my birthday even..and it always, always delivers.

There were so many things that made today amazing for me.

For a start, I managed to get a shower by myself, AND blow dry my hair.  I don’t remember the last time I blow dried my hair, but as I am constantly dodging any attempt to take a photograph of me due to bad hair/bad clothes (let’s not even think about the weight issue), I decided if I was to ever appear in any of their mothers’ day photos, I had better do something about this, at least today.

Secondly, I came downstairs, clean, to receive not one but TWO handmade cards from my boys, flowers and chocolates!

Thirdly, Dadda made me eggs benedict for breakfast.

I was going to use some poker analogy here but I’m so sadly lacking in poker terminology knowledge that I gave up.  It would’ve been clean sweep, or full house, or flush, or something I think.  Let’s just keep it simple and say that today was full of good…

Cuddles with my boys…


Big bags of sillyness with my monsters…  Monsters who are changing into true brothers before my eyes.



Peek a boo with Dadda….

Beautiful Smiles…

Yes, today was amazing.

Happy Mothers’ Day to every Momma and their little monsters.

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  1. Gorgeous! Your photos are beautiful. The one of you nose to nose with your baby brought tears to my eyes. Glad you had a great Mother's Day x

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