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Despite this weekend being somewhat of a disaster, life was pretty good this past seven days.  On the failure to launch side, Lyoto’s sick meant no BlogCamp, the electrics in our car and MOT meant no Thomas première – and a phone call from work meant the mister was taken out of our equation too and back to IBM land, which effectively cancels out my plans for later this week.
 After counting reasons to be grumpy, I sat and thought about the big picture over Sunday lunch.
Good things in our lives right now… Lyoto’s speech and language assessment was fun for him, and I got to see just how much of a smarty pants he is.  When I think back to his two year old self I was convinced we’d never get any words out of him and I was listening to stories of extreme speech impediments from others, I’m so proud of him.  He’s a fast talking, clever little guy and the consonant issue is a common one that will sort itself very soon.
Seven: A Week In My Shoes

It’s snapdragon and peony season!  There are pink flowers everywhere.  I bought myself a butterfly hydrangea plant [mainly because the mister wasn’t there to stop me] and it’s gorgeous.  I love this time of the year, everywhere is blossomy and beautiful.

Bedtimes are getting easier.  I won’t say easy because they aren’t – but we are getting there and slowly me and the mister are getting some semblance of time together in the evenings – even if one of us does end up snoring on the sofa before eleven.

We planted our vegetable seeds this weekend.  Jensen took great delight in telling me over and over that he was mixing poop [manure] into the soil but despite the hilarity that goes with the awful smell, it was so good for me to spend some one on one time gardening with him, talking to him and remembering all of the things we used to do in the days when school wasn’t stealing our hours of fun from us.

The boys are playing together as friends.  Jensen and Lyoto enjoy the same imaginary play and dress up [think Del Boy and Rodney], and all three of them love bouncing together on the trampoline, playing Lego or plasticine – and it’s giving me a little peace!  I’m praying this lasts throughout the Summer holidays!

All in all, everything is going well here – except for milk.  I’ve got no milk for my tea :/  Anyone?

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  1. I love that you have found joy even though there were challenging times. Sometimes it can be the only way to get through a day and that table looks so inviting. I would come for lunch or dinner anytime, but only of you have milk for my tea! I am glad the assessment went well

  2. Sometimes it really pays to look at the good things and park the difficulties. It sounds like the boys are both doing well and becoming great friends. I love your peony photo, so delicate and pretty.

  3. I really need to get myself some peonies. They are my absolute fav flower but I've never had any 🙂 Beautiful photos as always x

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