Dentist Time Again…

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I am terrified of the dentist.  I know that’s childish and ridiculous, but I am.  Hypocritically, I cannot say enough about how important it is for Our Little Adventurer to visit regularly and I hands-in-the-air admit that I practically press ganged Dadda into taking Jensen a year ago for his first visit.

On his second visit, I was super-enormous and due to give birth any day, so I
escaped again.  Today was his third visit and naturally it was a Wednesday and so I had to get ready for work and take care of Baby Dragon.  Believe me, no dentist wants Baby Dragon running rampant around their office at warp speed.  The little girl in Finding Nemo?  She’d look like Shirley Temple in comparison.

Jensen’s dentist is pretty brilliant though (even though I’ve never met him, he seems to put up with my crazy) and not only poses for photos but also this time let Dadda tote our new DSLR into the appointment to capture the moment like a dental hygiene obsessed tourist.

For his third appointment, Jensen lay in the chair properly, and the dentist (we still call him Doctor Elephant, thanks to Peppa Pig) lowered the chair for him.

Someone found a new hero. 

Dr. E shone the light in, used the “poker” and a mirror to count his teeth according to Jensen, and they were all present and correct. Dadda’s were perfect also, but he didn’t get a Lightning McQueen sticker.

I do worry that Our Little Adventurer is lulling Dr. E into a false sense of security, though.  Baby Dragon is a little more fierce with his snappers.  We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it though ~ and when I say “we”, I mean Dadda.  Dadda will be the one prising the jaws of a small dragon from Dr. Elephant’s begloved hands like an angler wrestling a pike.  I’ve never seen it happen, but I can imagine it would be nasty.

Our Little Adventurer is a typical three year old though.  He’s still defiant at home, still testing the boundaries, but has the most immaculate manners outside of the house.  He’s a charmer, a flatterer and a little gentleman already.  We’re so proud of you, Jensen Indiana.  You’re growing into a confident, self-assured little boy before our eyes…but maybe slow down a little bit; Momma’s not ready for you to be a big boy yet.

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  1. Oh bless he did so well! Mine held his hands over his mouth and cried, refusing to get on the chair last time! Let's hope it's better tomorrow when he goes again! x

    Great photos too 😀

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