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Have you ever seen anything so cute on the roads today as this little milk float below?  Me either.  It’s been over 8 years since we had our milk delivered by a float.  Sadly, this is not for us grown ups.  It’s the world’s smallest milk float, driven by Ella’s dad (of Ella’s Kitchen fame) and it launched the new Ella’s Kitchen products as he drove around handing samples out to little ones.


The new Dairylicious range has arrived, bringing with it yoghurts, fromage frais and rice pudding ~ RASPBERRY rice pudding! Music to my tummy. I mean, my boys’ tummies.  The lovely people at Ella’s Kitchen HQ sent us a voucher to go out and try one of their new products for free…and so off we went!

Sadly, Jensen was highly unimpressed to find there was no milk float cruising the aisles at ASDA.  We so badly want the little float to come to Hampshire!

Anyway, after dealing with the lack of cute vehicle, we decided to try the fromage frais with our voucher.  Momma really wanted the raspberry rice pudding but they were all out of that 🙁  Not that it’s for mommas, just that this momma can think of few things more delicious than raspberries in rice pudding.  Maybe next week we’ll be lucky.

Anyway, back to the fromage frais.  It’s 100% organic, 20% real fruit and a drop of agave nectar…no refined sugars!  Suitable for babies from 6 months (to at least 36 years).

Had our Lumix not died on us, you would have been able to hear the word “OM!” from Baby Dragon’s mouth and see the mischievous snap of his jaws as they clamp onto the spoon.  Sadly, as our Lumix did die on us, all we have is pretty pictures of Baby Dragon, enjoying his food in the way that Dadda dreads.  Consider it a mark of quality ~ because we KNOW when Baby Dragon doesn’t like something…and it’s not a pretty sight. His preferred flavour is the banana one, although he thinks mango is delicious too.

If you get to the raspberry rice pudding before me my boys, let us know how yummy it tastes!  Baby Dragon wants you to know that you can find the new range in the chilled section of your supermarket (which foxed us at first when we were tutting around in the baby food section) to take home and wipe all over yourself devour to your own pure tummy-loving delight.

Thank you Ella’s Kitchen and Ella’s Dad!

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