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I love New Year’s Resolutions.  I look forward to the end of the year when I can refocus and try and improve myself in the year ahead.  And unlike the lose weight/stop spending/find time for me resolutions which I promise myself will happen every year in some tenuous manner, I do also think of ways I can genuinely change my life for the better.

Shamefully I think my family will all be nodding their heads when I say that I have probably missed or been late with 95% of cards I have needed to send this year.  Yes, that many. It’s true.  Birthdays, anniversaries, congratulations – and I have still to get over the Christmas card hurdle.  I need to change – I wasn’t like this before I had children.  In fact, I was the opposite and for the entirety of our dating life, as we were long distance, I sent the mister a card every.single.day.  That’s over 400 cards.

Still, I never would have even considered this a resolution were it not for coincidentally spotting a tweet about one of the loveliest companies I’ve ever had the pleasure of becoming involved with, Cardnest.

Their service is immaculate, perfect – and their customer service actually bought [happy] tears to my eyes with my Christmas delivery of cards.  Their heartfelt and genuine intention in setting up Cardnest really struck a chord with me.  Likes, favourites and blog comments are all very well and nice – but a card with a handwritten note can completely make your day…

It’s completely brilliant.  For £7.50 a month [plus £1.86 for three stamps if you decide you’d actually like to send the card, which is fantastic because then you can be unlike me who seems to keep the written cards in my handbag, postage-free until they are no longer of use], you receive three individually designed cards which have seemed to meet my every need over the past three months – including a circus themed birthday card which has won me the place of Favourite Aunt with my niece [who is studying circus training].

The cards are just beautiful – so gorgeous that I actually kept one of the cards for myself.  I can’t bear to part with it, I just can’t.

I honestly, truly cannot recommend Cardnest highly enough.  They are the most warm and engaging people, trying to make our world a little friendlier…

As an early Christmas present, Cardnest are offering new subscribers 50% off your first month’s subscription [including stamps if you’re in the UK] by using the code JONESFAMILY50. 

So now you have no excuse to be as tardy as I am!  Remember – there’s no catch, no obligation and no tied-in subscription period…but I guarantee you that you’ll be hooked!

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    1. Hi Phoebe! Thanks for the lovely comment. No need to be disappointed as we post worldwide! Have a look at our website 🙂 There are two options when you join us, UK subscription or an International subscription. We'd love to have you!

    1. Ah thanks Catherine! Lovely to hear! It makes you feel so good knowing you've surprised someone with a few thoughtful words in the post. We love those 'just because' moments 🙂

    1. Thanks Kate! Lovely to hear! We're just trying to make things a little easier for busy people! That's why we give members the option to add stamps each month for added convenience! 🙂

    1. Thanks Sarah-Louise! We're really hoping to bring snail mail back! We have a saying on our website that says 'it's far more personal to recognise someone's handwriting on an envelope than an email subject line'. There's so much truth in that!

  1. I love the card on your opening image, the happy birthday one? As a traveller I have friends all over the world, so it seems like a great fit for all our mutual hobbies! Thanks for the recommendation, I might have to stock up 😀

    Sara | This Girl Loves

    1. That's been one of our most popular Sara! We've asked artist, Zachary Smith to come back to design another one for us which is exciting! Thanks for the lovely comment!

  2. We used to mail a lot of cards each holidays but now we are trying to reduce the number to the minimum and replace a paper cards with an e-cards. I know they don't have the same feel but with trees in mind we are willing to settle for less.

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