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So after yesterday’s birthday celebrations for the mister on the beach, I managed to come home with sunstroke thanks to being completely fooled by an overcast day.  Cue the boys singing, “I’m a lobster, I’m a lobster… No soldiers re-qui-red” [don’t ask] and so this morning seemed like a good time to trial run our Chillfactor Ice Cream Magic Tray.  We set it up outside and then took the tray from the freezer that had been there overnight.

The steps are simple – freeze the ice cream magic tray, filled with lukewarm water and 30g of tablesalt, mix double cream and your required flavourings in the little green jug, pour in and scrape to make the ice cream.

The boys decided on a flurry-like ice cream and we grated some Aero “minty bubbles”  to sprinkle on.  Jensen chopped the strawberries and we dispatched Lyoto to the freezer to bring the tray as fast as he could.

Chillfactor Ice Cream Magic Tray


Chill factor ice cream magic tray

Chill factor ice cream magic tray

Chill factor ice cream magic tray

Hero, Jensen and I were impressed with the results – although we did pop the tray back into the freezer with the ice cream on it to freeze it further as it was so warm outside.  I have a lot more patience with toys like these because I’ve come to realise [very slowly] that I’m a grown up and these are children’s toys, not professional pieces of equipment. As soon as my boys see a hint of ice cream, it’s a success. And more importantly, it’s messy fun.  They love the little station that they can fill – and Lyoto loves stashing his own sweeties under the cutting board part.




As soon as you’re finished, simply wash the tray, refill and freeze again.  I’ve a feeling we might be experimenting with some interesting flavours over the next few weeks.


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