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Roblox Series 5 – Jailbreak!


Roblox Series 5 is here! If there was ever a collectible that was made for Lyoto, it’s Roblox. He first discovered them from watching Dan TDM [Roblox is an online gaming platform and they watched countless episodes of Dan enjoying himself in Robloxia] and I remember him asking me continually to buy the blind boxes for him or core characters but I never really got it. They looked rather like the chunky chip version of Minecraft toys and I had no idea who these little Roblox characters were or which ones I should get. In the end I went for the most colourful [Lyoto is a rainbow lovin’ boy, and I pray that never changes] and he loved each and every one Father Christmas and I bought.

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If you’re new to the world of Roblox, the concept is simple and would have been my dream come true as a child. Apparently, Roblox is the largest user-generated online gaming platform and is the #1 gaming site for kids and teenagers as they take on the role of virtual explorers, creating their own adventures, role-playing and playing each other’s games, in a family-friendly, immersive, 3D environment. Roblox is a game with a PEGI 7 rating in the UK, meaning it’s suitable for children over the age of seven. Basically, you can create your own avatar and games – and following the popularity of the game, real, tangible, articulated Roblox characters have been molded in plastic and popped on the shelves for you to buy and play with, in the real world.



So, this Spring the new Series 5 has landed! We were sent lots of them to play with – two blind boxes, a core character, a six figure pack and playset – but you can buy them in Smyths Toys, which is where we get ours from normally.


There are 24 brand new characters to collect in the little orange Roblox crates. We managed to get two White Collar Dog figures [twins] in our blind boxes which impressed the boys very much. Twin Roblox is amazing to them, so there will be no swapping apparently. If you go want to swap with friends, it adds another fun element – but otherwise you can mix and match your own collection, and this is what the boys love about the people of Robloxia. All of the figures can be taken apart so that you can switch them about and swap with your friends, to customise everything. Hats, hair, masks, wings, accessories – there are so many to collect!

Yotie set up a little story. It’s based in a prison and starts off well, and then, well… it pretty much descended into chaos. There were hang gliders, ramps, quad bikes, werewolves, droids….and a whole lot of noise.


As well as being new and exciting and adding to your Roblox collection, every box in series five comes with a redeemable code for an exclusive virtual item on Roblox so you can take the fun back online! Our boys have an account and they adore playing on there, huddling up and using my phone until the battery runs flat.

The virtual items in each pack are unique to the figure you’ve received, so that means there’s plenty of fun to be had in styling your Roblox citizen in your favorite Robloxia based games.


One of the items we were sent was the Roblox Jailbreak playset. This is the first playset that Lyoto has ever gotten his little paws on and he was even more delighted because he has the Sheriff’s car from Father Christmas already and so can have a real piece of the Robloxia crime action now.

The Jailbreak set contains four Roblox figures from the very popular, award-winning Roblox game: Cop and SWAT Unit and prisoners Raucous Recidivist and Marauding Miscreant and lots and lots of accessories including a money bag, bank notes, Jail fences, riot gear, weapons, weights bench – and of course, a hang glider, ramp, and quad bike to make a James Bond style escape from the shackles of Robloxia [in]justice.


The second set we were sent was the Night of the Werewolf set. The boys have a werewolf thing going on at the moment and this one was apparently sent to keep dancing to Thriller in Robloxia, according to Jens. The set contains six figures: Cautious Citizen, Clown, Hooded Figure, Punk Metal Guy, Suspicious Citizen and Werewolf plus lots of accessories to let the Roblox characters follow the story in Roblox by InsanelyLuke and discover who is the werewolf…


There are so many collectibles around these days that I was initially skeptical when Yotie told me he needed these little figures I’d never heard of – however, I’m more of a fan of Roblox now I understand the link between the game and the characters – they have more play value than I originally thought. The toys themselves seem pretty sturdy – although popping their arms back on is difficult and takes a bit of brute force which means more often than not it’s me doing it. Then again, the upside to this is that I’ve never come across a broken Roblox person or one with a missing limb because they have to ask me to dismember them. This means they’re more likely to be played with as there aren’t halves of characters laying around everywhere that no one wants to be. So yes, we’re huge fans of Roblox – the articulation and balance of the figures is good, they can stand up and pose without making your children want to rip their hair out, they’re very well made and they can be whomever they want to be in the world of Roblox. I’m a fan of anything that expands their imagination in a child-friendly way – and Roblox ticks all of the boxes.

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