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Father’s Day Gift Guide – Father’s Day is around the corner! As Dads are notoriously difficult to buy for, we’ve cast our net far and wide for things that are a lot more fun than socks [I’d take socks, I never have matching socks no matter how hard I try!] for you to present to the dad in your life when he’s pretending he’s still asleep and trying to get a lie in.

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Father’s Day Gift Guide Wooden Bottle holder with opener – perfect!

As Father’s Day conveniently falls in the middle of BBQ season, if your household is like ours, there’s the constant call of who has the bottle opener – and the boys are quite obsessed with opening fizzy Coca Cola bottle tops on the glass bottles, and so they chose this gift from Sous Chef. Sous Chef is a brand we’ve worked with before and we LOVE their products – their chilli advent calendar was a huge hit with Gav as a clever alternative to chocolate!

This bottle holder is sturdy, gorgeous and so handy as the bottle opener is mounted on the side! Now we can not only carry bottles without dropping them, but open them without rummaging through the drawers too!


I’m not saying that the boys were slightly biased when they decided which were the best gifts for Father’s Day, but Playmobil somehow made their way into the list and I honestly couldn’t disagree – although whether Gav or any other Dad would actually see much of this gift is up for debate. It’s one of those gifts that you’d get your dad because you wanted to play with them kind of presents.

Can you believe that it was 35 years ago that the Ghostbusters asked, “Who you gonna call?” THIRTY FIVE! For the 35th Anniversary, Playmobil has released the cult vehicle Ecto-1 in an all-new design with blue light and cool sound, removable roof, slime splashes – AND all four Ghostbusters heroes!

What’s really cool is that included with the set is a hologram pyramid [which is really cool as the boys had some of the little vehicles themselves from Father Christmas last year and we were hooked on activating these], ghosts disappear into the ghost trap in a flash.


Okay, so technically this wouldn’t be for Gav [chief snorer], but it does have benefits for him – the main one being I wouldn’t wake up looking at him like Golem looks at Frodo because he’s kept me up with his rhinoceros-like snorking. Yes, I said snorking. The Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring is an acupressure device designed to open breathing passages whilst sleeping. I am beyond excited to see if this will work as it will save me a lot of legwork [kicking Gav to try and get him to stop snoring] and Gav might get a good night’s sleep too. We’ll keep you all updated but we’re very excited about this. There’s a 30-day satisfaction guarantee too so we feel very positive about it.


High on the Father’s Day Gift Guide list – a portable hoover for car crumbs!


The makers of our favourite toothpaste, Colgate have designed a new, smart toothbrush that does so much more than your average toothbrush does! The boys’ dad has never, ever had any dental treatment other than check-ups and his perfect teeth are his pride and joy [and his goal is keeping dental bills to a minimum] so this is an amazing gift for him. It has so many features – it tracks brushing to see how much of your mouth you’ve actually cleaned, has a battery charge life of ten days at a time, and it looks so clean and sleek. It’s the most beautiful and artificially intelligent toothbrush we’ve ever seen – and it comes with a very clever app to give you real-time feedback on your oral health and habits. There are games to play and a family mode which means you can all learn about your brushing techniques and how you can avoid cavities too! The Colgate E1 Toothbrush has all of its details on the link above.


Baylis and Harding are a brand we’ve known and loved for many years – especially since my own Dad’s name is Baylis! They have a collection perfect for Father’s Day and we’ve been sent this felt-like bag with a spa collection inside. Perfect for trips away – we’re giving ours to my own Dad for his trips to the Oncology Hospital, and the boys are looking forward to giving him something so smart and useful – with toiletries to make him smell lovely in hospital too. The spa bag itself is pretty big and very roomy, and very light. We love it.


For the Rum Loving Dad …. Ableforth’s Rumbullion!

If you have a dad in your family who loves the occasional mojito at the summer BBQ [like the boys’ dad does], this is the gift for you – and it’s so unusual too! This bottle is a shipshape Father’s Day gift from award-winning spirits producer Ableforth’s.  

Rumbullion! is a ready-made gift, distinctively wrapped in brown paper and hand sealed with wax. The boys are convinced that Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean has dropped this off for their Dad. For the connoisseurs amongst you, it’s a spiced rum with notes of Madagascan vanilla, with a distinct flavour combining zest orange, cassia, cloves and cardamom. It looks just brilliant on the table and gives a pirate feel to the meal!

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