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It’s a miracle, but somehow I managed to keep the little gifts of a Go Jetter and Vroomster on the new Go Jetters magazine safe for a photograph before they disappeared into the land of trinkets and teeny toys!
This week our Jones boys were SO happy to be the recipients of issue one of the brand new Go Jetters publication.  I had to hide in a corner of the living room, behind a seven feet high box that contains Baby Hero’s birthday present [it’s a surprise, shhh!] and silently flick through the pages so that I could see what was in there myself before thirty excited little fingers got a hold of it.

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Go Jetters

I say this every time, but I love it.  I really do – it’s geography based for a start, which means that it’s different from the other comics and magazines they enjoy, and there’s a workbook in there which means that they will merrily sit together and share out who can do what.  They boys are very good at differentiating the tasks in a comic and distributing them to the most suitable candidate.  Jensen will read, Lyoto will circle and trace any mazes, and Hero will be given free range over any colouring in.  Who puts which sticker where sometimes becomes a little hairy if they’re tired, but most of the time – most of the time, they share well.  Or Hero runs off with the stickers.

So, now we’ve ALL had a look at it, what did we think?

We love the gift – it’s actually a Go Jetter, not some random object with a Go Jetter sticker on it.  And it works!  I know the gifts on magazines aren’t supposed to be amazing, but you’d be surprised how many just don’t work and it’s so sad for your little ones when  they’ve essentially picked a comic for the purpose of getting their little hands on the gift, and it’s rubbish.

The contents are so varied, and there’s something for each of the boys to get excited about, even though it’s primarily targeted at Lyoto, being four years old.

Firstly there’s a cartoon strip story with fun facts, a colouring page, a little maths – and then a sticker page about Niagara Falls, which sent Jensen running for his atlas to see where it was in the world.  They LOVED the pretend and play reward chart in the centre of the comic which has challenges such as, “imagine you’re Ubercorn and do a funky dance”.  Our boys are ALL about the dancing.  There are puzzles and ore geography related teasers, and a spot the difference, which is Lyoto’s favourite activity at the moment.  At the back of the magazine is a make and play Eiffel Tower for the vroomster toy to fly around – and being at the back of the issue means that they aren’t asking with the turn of every page to snip it now, now, now!

Blippar is used throughout the comic!  The boys get so excited when they see the sign, as it means there are extra surprises hidden on their iPad!  As a parent I loved seeing the encouraging Be active! Stay active! symbols over the pages, giving our little people opportunities to stay active.

We’re looking forward to seeing where the Go Jetters will head next issue – at £2.99 it’s brilliant value and available from newsagents and supermarkets.  You can follow on Twitter at @cbeebiesmag.

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