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So… Summer…. Hero’s 2nd birthday party time!
I’m thanking my stars that I had to change the date of Hero’s 2nd birthday party to August instead of keeping it at the start of July.  The rain is pelting down here and poor Hero hasn’t even been out to get his “bum bounce” of the day on the trampoline.  This time two years ago when I was due with Hero, Jensen and I were baking in the sunshine at his reception class teddy bear picnic [and then I went into labour].  Today, daddy is going to be putting his umberella up at Lyoto’s, and I’m putting the kettle on for a cup of my favourite hot chocolate.
Anyway, we are party planning.  My favourite!  I always plan at least a month ahead so that I can buy from overseas if I need to.
After much to-ing and fro-ing, we’ve settled on a Wild West kind of theme for Hero’s second party.  Being a Disney family, I’m trying to steer him towards either woody [whom he does love] or Sheriff Callie [which would give me wider scope for cuteness and so I’m now singing the theme over and over in the house to him. It’s probably a form of torture.].
In any case, as it’s a BBQ at the country park and beach, after last year’s event where most of the little ones took to tree climbing, I decided to incorporate some outdoor games!  Here’s what we have lined up so far, in keeping with our theme….See above for photos!
Rope Toss – so this is like a rodeo!  So simple and so much fun…and there’s some maths involved.
Teepee – we’ve decided to have a little teepee tent that we found on a gorgeous site called Wonderlings which has SO many ideas for outdoor games.  They can sit outside of it and eat their party food – like a campfire sing along – complete with the cutest cushions from IKEA that don’t break the bank.
Tin Can Alley was a natural choice – although we’re still undecided whether to buy or customise our own [I’m seeing a DIY post on the way] but they will LOVE this game.
Finally, no Wild West party would be complete without hobby horse racing – the boys adored racing around the Whispering Canyon Café in Walt Disney World on the little horses, and this will bring back some of the sweetest memories for me them.
Dinner plans coming soon – are there any games I’ve missed that would fit with the theme?  I’m considering panning for gold if I can figure out a good way to make that happen!


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  1. Oh this is so sweet! Love those IKEA cushions and game ideas! I hope you have a beautiful day – rain or shine! Enjoy it and take lots of pictures! -Kendall

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