Weekend Walking…

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By the time last weekend arrived, the Jones family were in desperate need of some fresh, foresty air.  We invited Nanny and Abuelito along, packed the huskies and us bipeds into cars and “brummed” (drove, according to Jensen) away in search of adventure…

The rain held off for a change and we rambled down the hill, past 200 marathon runners (most of whom I envied because with only 5 miles to go, they were running faster than I have ever done in my life, and some of whom got a cheer from Jensen when they stopped, “Keep going, man!”) and into the deep, dark woods (as the story frequently goes in our house).



We leapt over rocks, climbed wooden spiders, ran around like crazed critters in pyramid mazes and, of course, we played with sticks and tried to eat bark.  Y’know, ’cause we can.

Excalibur and Casanova were given a lot of attention by a family in the forest.  When we were walking away, I heard the man of the family telling his children that…

Excalibur was very pleased with himself.

Baby Dragon enjoyed taking a more active part in the forest walk and had some Daddy cuddles… Check out his little Daisy Roots shoes too!

Then we finished at the playground and headed on into the forest.  Some of us were faster than others….



Whilst waiting, someone wanted to walk…

Atop the hill, much fun was had.


Our Little Adventurer gave us a few nature lessons…


…and Casanova, despite his Cancer, had a fantastic time.

We found a pre-made den!

Casanova and Excalibur enjoyed sniffering about (I’m back to making up words again) and whining down rabbit holes, somehow hoping to lure out a furry lunch.  We affectionately call them rabbit phones, and tell our Little Adventurer that the huskies are seeing if the rabbits are in and want to play.  Heaven help the rabbit that decides not to screen his calls 😉


Baby Dragon exhausted himself.

Boys and mud go together like, well, boys and mud.  Even more so when there are huge rabbit holes to explore.






Someone was content to live here…


Soon it was time for washed hands, snacks and the ride home…

Casanova Kisses <3




For now we’re off to see Granny and Grandad in the Midlands.  Enjoy your weekend!

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