Super Late….Pumpkin Patch 2012

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Nearly three whole months after the actual event, and I am finally getting around to uploading the photos of our trip to the patch onto our blog. I’m so behind. Sickness, Christmas plotting and then Christmas fun took over the majority of the cells that are still able to function well in my poor brain and so my little blog has suffered from terrible neglect.

And so here they are at last, our memories from this year’s trip to the Pumpkin Patch; our Baby Dragon’s first time there.  Amazingly, despite the grey skies (which were quite clearly not the crisp blue ones that I ordered for the occasion) and torrential downpour upon arrival at the farm (naturally), it was the perfect day for us… Fresh pumpkin magic.

The first smile squeezed itself across my lips as soon as we arrived.  Even through the rain beating hard on the windscreen, Jensen immediately recognised where we were.  As soon as the weather allowed, we were out of the car, and I began dressing the boys frantically in the boot of our car (there was no way I was traveling with the boys in their pumpkin patch outfits, that was just asking for trouble and vomit).  Our Little Adventurer set off at speed towards the gourd dotted field, whilst I dressed Baby Dragon in our family heirloom (meaning that it was used by Jensen for his first trip…but heirlooms start somewhere, right?) pumpkin costume.

We decided to try and get a good photo before they discovered puddles, mud and other earthy delights that would put their costumes in certain jeopardy.



This year it wasn’t puddles though, or sticks (although naturally, there was a stick involved in the day, how can there not be?) it was a plastic rat prop whom Jensen affectionately named “Ratty” and befriended instantly for life.

Baby Dragon seemed to enjoy the pumpkins, although he was mostly content to follow Jensen around and try to cause mischief.

We decided to try and re-create our Little Adventurer’s cutest patch photo from 2010…

Here’s the side-by-side comparison.  So cute! Everyone in the same outfits, two years apart.

Whilst we were snapping away, Jensen decided to take Ratty and investigate the various hay bales and pumpkin stashes…

We had some serious love for Ratty.

Brother was off though.  He had some pumpkin parading to do.


…and some posing.  Next year will be an entirely different story as he goes rogue, just like Jensen last year.  At this this time we’ll be prepared.



I think these below are my favourite.  I love his cheeky, filled-to-the-brim-and-overflowing-with-happy face.  And when I say love, I mean that I want to grab it with both hands and squeeze his chubbery little cheeks whilst I munch and kiss him all over.



Baby Dragon’s expressions just melt my heart.


Momma managed to get some (sort of) normal looking photos with her boys…



Ratty was keen to wave at the camera.

 Eventually it was time to actually pick the pumpkins we wanted to take
home.  I seem to forget about this part every time.  I’d happily play in
the patch for hours.





But before we left, there was time for the old zipline…



…which EVERYONE loved.

Plus, there were Autumn leaves (which Momma LOVES)… Autumn leaves AND pumpkins?  Bliss.We had to have a rustle and roll in them, naturally…and try and eat some of them.



We decided to let Baby Dragon get a real feel for the gourds…Pumpkintopia.




Someone decided to play “peek-a-boo”…

Someone else was non-plussed.

He had his own idea of peek-a-boo.




He kindly decided that Dadda could have a go, too.

Even though there is Ratty in every single photo of Jensen
at the patch, I’m eternally grateful to that rubbery little creature
for the smiles we got. Genuine happiness.




When it came time to go however, and Ratty wasn’t coming with us…Someone small took it hard.  He was so worried Ratty would be alone, I told himRatty would need to pack his bags and come to see us with the postman. Two days later, he did.

We had a traditional annual cake munch in the restaurant and a little retail therapy before we left.


Then we bid farewell to the patch.

Remembering to capture the look this year, as compared to last year

I wonder what we’ll look like next year?




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