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Finally, I promise that these are the last set of photos from the Pumpkin Patch this year.  I love these because there was a huge pyramid made out of hay bales and everyone was running up and down it, leaping off it and looking out across the patch from the top.  The boys said it was like a cow’s sandcastle, except they [the cows, not my boys] could eat it. Haha.

I love the joy on Hero’s face in this one. Too cute.  He really thought he was one of the big boys.

We had a run about the rest of the patch before going home – Yotie played numerous games of hide and seek, we all played at the pumpkin shy, and then Gav and the boys managed to catapult some pumpkins across the fields.

The colours in these photographs are my favourite.  I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect light.

Soon it was time to go home and as it started spitting, they decided that it was time to hop into the car and head home for some mint hot chocolate [their current obsession].

But not before some naughtiness from these boys.  I love the shock on Hero’s face that Daddy is sticking his tongue out.

And he returns a sneaky tongue-out back, keeping an eye on me to see if I’ve spotted him. Haha.

Before we left though, we decided to have another go in the maize maze.  They love making corn swords and charging through the maze.

Our last achievement before heading home – the middle of the maze!

Another year, another collection of gourds for the doorstep.  Happy pumpkin season – we hope you enjoyed your Pumpkin Patch!

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