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Our Autumn leaf photo mobile is so easy to make in around ten minutes and you can change it with the seasons too!  I know I’m guilty of taking so many photos and then, if they don’t make it to the blog, they just don’t get seen.  With this little mobile, my boys have been so excited to see their own current faces [instead of the much cherished baby shots hanging around the house] in print.
You will need:

Step One:

If you are using real leaves, make sure they are dry!  If you’re using fabric foliage, you can decorate it by using a Glu Pen and drawing down the veins of the leaves and then covering with a sprinkle of glitter.

Step Two:

Lay three measures of twine out, as long as you want your mobile to be.  Then attach the leaves by sticky dots [we use the extra strong ones as they will hold pretty much anything!] at around 6 inch intervals – you’ll be putting the photos in between these.

Step Three:

Peg the little photos onto the twine – I alternated angles but everyone is different!

Step Four:

Tie three lengths to the stick, and tie a fourth length to each end of the stick to hang where desired.

Here’s the craft in simple form:

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