Sensory Play: Shaving Foam Fun

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This was the easiest, fastest activity to set up.  Get bag, put spots of food colouing gel on inside, squirt cream in, seal bag, and tape bag closed if you’re concerned about it exploding.

Today we decided to try and keep it clean as due to the weather, we already have a mountain of laundry to dry and making more wet towels wasn’t high on my agenda.

If you’ve ever squished a bag of shaving foam between your fingers, you’ll know it feels like heaven. Like squishing marshmallows, except even softer.  I thought Jensen might enjoy this, and Baby Dragon too, but Lyoto was not having a happy day thanks to the evil of teething and so he cried and wanted to be cuddled instead graciously bowed out.  I handed the bags to our Little Adventurer and took a wander to the kitchen.

When I came back out, Jensen was fully engaged in his activity and as usual I was amazed, watching his complex little brain and busy fingers at work.

I let Jensen explore for about five minutes.  Then the questions started ~ not from me, but him.  He wanted to know why the colours were mixing together, how the foam was changing colour too, what would happen, what new colours were being created.  So many questions.

Then I offered him the chance to take it outside and explode it.  Outside. Explode. I’m not sure he heard anything else.  His treasured Gruffalo wellies were on the correct feet (we can get this right 8 out of 10 times now) and he was swinging on the door handle before I had even gotten my shoes out of the cupboard.

Now this is where it got messy.
I’m not sure why or how but Excalibur was standing faithfully on guard throughout the whole activity and yet somehow managed not to get any foam on him whatsoever.
After scooping out the contents, foam filled fun ensued.  It was like watching a strange version of the Karate Kid as our Little Adventurer waxed on and off like a crazed Daniel-san.  My upper patio is going to smell very manly indeed.
Creamy mud pies were created, foam was flung to the far corners of the garden and massaged into barrels, shrubs and fences.  Toddler bliss.  Then rain came and washed it all away overnight.  Had it not been for the dirty clothes that resulted from this activity, this could have been our cleanest play yet!
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