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Flower Fairies craft with Bostik Bloggers for Tots100

This month’s Bostik Bloggers theme was outdoors – and as it’s the Summer holidays, we’ve chosen a really simply craft that everyone can make and play with almost instantly – little Waldorf-like flower fairies.

Step 1: Using some acrylic paint [you can use any, this dries really fast], paint your little people.

Step 2: Using a foam pad, attach the little flower to your person’s head

Step 3: Using the glu pen, trace around the neckline of your little doll, then apply glitter carefully. Tap to shake off excess, let dry, and you have your little dollies!

Flower Fairies craft tutorial for Bostik Bloggers with Tots100

Really simple, and really sweet little craft that my boys loved – and which won’t break the bank.

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