Leprechaun Gold Made Easy…

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We decided that Dublin the Leprechaun was going to pay us a visit this St. Patrick’s day, and as he wouldn’t be easy to find (due to his naughty little nature) he would leave gifts instead.

As we’re saving for holiday, gifts this year mean home made ones, or gifts with vouchers we already had.  In any case, at the end of the day he eventually planned to surrender and give the boys his “gold”.

After I sniped won two little brass pots of eBay, I snagged a bag of Aero mint bubbles (the ones with the green middles) from our supermarket and got busy with the glitter. Aero chocolate likes to stick to glitter and so in no time I had cute, glittery chocolates!  Feel at ease, anyone worried about the amount of glitter on them, the glitter is edible and by the time any of them made their way to the boys’ mouths, they were practically bare and brown again after being inspected so carefully by them.

Our St. Patrick’s day post is coming soon!

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