Pavement Painting…

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Dadda was at a Jiu Jitsu day yesterday and so as it was bright and sunny, we headed into the garden to do some painting, homemade style 🙂

Making it was very simple ~ although I have no cornflour left now.  It’s so simple that a 2 year old can (and did) make it.  Add ingredients and whisk until you have the desired consistency.

We divided ours between the sections of a snack tray.  You could probably use the middle one for water, but I knew that wasn’t going to get used for that purpose and Jensen insisted we fill it with paint.

We (Jensen) chose our colours ~ we used Wilton Icing Gels ~ and mixed them in.  Then we were good to go.  Out we went!

Someone small and adventurous was very excited to set his brushes to work…

It all seemed very calm and serene.  Excalibur however in hindsight must have known what was coming.

Soon tiny fingers began to wander…


I took a moment to stand back and watch the whole scene.  My boys ~ ALL of my boys, furry ones too, were enjoying family time in the sun.  I find it so heartwarming that whenever Jensen and Lyoto sit down outside, Casanova and Excalbur will come to rest near them, like furry guardians.  Despite whatever Jensen covers them in (and he’s covered them in most substances), they stay faithful and still.

As I was marvelling at my wonderful moment, I saw this…

….a little make up, brother?

Soon that little “enhancement” was lost in the cornflour encrusted chaos.

Baby Dragon had the best time, watching his big brother and getting to get messy at the same time.

“What? What is this on my clothes?”

Not content with just using his fingers, Baby Dragon picked up a brush and leaped into action.

Our Little Adventurer decided to try a pogo stick kind of painting method.

Which resulted in Excalibur becoming a little technicolour.

Dog art became body art…

…and everything looked so much more beautiful than it did earlier… Brothers playing together, sun shining, pavement decorated.


The purple on his head?  Let’s just say it was followed by the comment, “Do not paint your brother!” from me.


I’m beginning to think that Baby Dragon might be a natural born poser.


Enjoy your weekend!

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