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I decided it was time for some sensory play today.  Mainly because last night I had a huge guilt attack about how we spend our days together in the week.  We play of course (and my living room is testament to that when my husband gets home) but we don’t get really creative indoors lately.

So last night, whilst Gav was out at Jiu Jitsu (“You going FIGHTING, Dadda? Put your fighters up!” cue much fisticuff action by our Little Adventurer) I was dying batches of pasta for today’s activities.

I decided to let Jensen Indiana have a little paint first of all.  I gave him the above and taped the paper to the floor (with his help, of course)……and before he could even get started, someone small and cheeky was in there hands first…so Jensen joined in immediately.


His concentration at every task is so immensely intense, I love to watch his expressions change as he works.



After a few polite dabs with the cotton wool balls, our Little Adventurer was hand-first into the paint, squishing away and working like a real artist, tiptoeing his way around the paper so as not to ruin his creation.  Brother even got reprimanded for daring to dip another finger in the paint 😉  There were cries of, “No, Roh-toe, no!” as he frantically protected his paintwork until I distracted his mini-saboteur.

Soon the painting devolved into slipping around like a mud wrestler, and there were shrieks of joy as his limbs were flying in all directions. Shortly after he seemed to realise that the colour brown actually really suited him and he painted arms and legs with the skill of a TOWIE star applying fake-bake.


After about twenty minutes, he was done.  Despite all the mess (and by this time the floor was plastered too), I had a very keen helper to mop the floor and clear up was faster than I anticipated when I saw him body painting;).  Fantastic Friday fun….and we’ve got more planned for next week.

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