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Hampshire Wreath Workshop.  So whilst I was away on my retreat at Riverside Lifestyle, I got to do one of my very favourite things – play about with flowers.  This time it was different though – the very lovely and super-sociable Judith Searles Flowers came to the Riverside Yurt to teach us how to create a wreath [and we all know how much I LOVE wreaths] different to any of the others I’ve ever made.  This time it was with oasis, that spongy flower holding stuff that my boys pick at whenever I have one in the house.  I had no idea what I was doing but Judith made it so simple – and within 45 minutes we all had a beautiful floral decoration to take home.

My happiness over the workshop didn’t end there though – I was able to use what  learned at the Hampshire Wreath Workshop to create some amazingly fun cake pop stands for the boys recent Moana party after being inspired by Judith’s work.  I learned a skill that I’ll use over and over again.

Here are a few photos of what we got up to and how my creation came together.  I always smile when I’m playing with flowers because I think as with anything craft or art based, you can always see a little bit of yourself in the finished article.  I loved my wreath and although they aren’t colours that I would go for, the wreath graced our Sunday dinner table after being preserved according to Judith’s instructions of melting ice cubes on the oasis to water the blooms!

Riverside Lifestyle Riverside Lifestyle Riverside Lifestyle Riverside Lifestyle

The final product! I learned to twist and fill, and work with flowers I’d never have chosen too. I love the way that it turned out – it was the most beautiful, and most speedy arrangement I’ve ever made! I’ll never buy one of my own again.

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