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As a guest of CEWE at Photokina and the SISTERMag event in Cologne, I was completely spoiled.  When I walked through the VIP area [I don’t remember being a VIP ever before] I wasn’t prepared for quite how excited I’d be seeing all of the products – everything that could be done with photographs – photo crafts for photographs I capture every day and store on my hard drive.

Colour, expression creativity – I was completely in my element and could have spent all day – two days even, writing down all of the products which I immediately needed to create for different purposes in my home.  There was so much to love – and so much more to do with the beauty that we capture than just store them out of sight.  To stop you doing as I do, I’ve come up with a list of twelve things that you could create for Christmas [or at any other time, obviously] to give to those you love or celebrate your family in your own home.

My top twelve favourite ways to use photographs as inspired by CEWE are:

A – Cookie Jars

I can’t think of a better present for Grannies and Grandads [especially if it’s shortbread for my dad] than a jar full of tasty, buttery biscuits with a precious memory intertwined with them. Also brilliant for postmen and other people who you speak to regularly – although with a little Christmas graphic printed instead of a photograph of yourself on these ones, maybe…



B – Christmas Cards

I love, love, love photo Christmas cards!


C – Party Paper Goods

Our North Pole breakfast will look so amazing this year with these little labels!


D – Favour Tags

I have a thing about photo strips, I just love these.


E – Table Settings

No more buying expensive place cards that aren’t my taste – I never thought of printing them myself!


F – Family Organiser

Three boys and three little social lives to keep a track of.  This is wipe clean!


G – Christmas Ornaments

We do this – but never in cookie cutter shapes!  Such a cute and inexpensive craft too.


H – Cushions

I would love a Christmas sofa full of memories of the boys growing up.  This is a tradition we’re going to start this year.


I – iPad Cover

My boys will be getting one of these for their iPad this year.


J –

Photo Advent Calendar

I’m pretty sure that I’ve complained to every person I know about the lack of the old fashioned picture based advent calendars – and now you can create one with your own family memories in it!  I’m completely in love with this idea.


K – Photo Boxes of Holidays


L – Photo books

The software, once downloaded, doesn’t need an internet connection.  No working for hours as I did SO many times in 2008 and 2009 when I was all excited and trying to make my wedding albums.  I failed because I lost my work over and over on one particular photo book site that had the layouts I wanted [double page] and I just surrendered and gave in.

The papers are just amazing. So many choices, so many looks – and so many pages can be added.


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