Pretty Pumpkins with Crayola Crayons

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There are so many things you can do with pumpkins – and we discovered a new and colourful way of decorating them., rainbow style! It got a little messy, but it turned out ok. – and we’ll try it again soon to see if we can really make them rainbow style.

You will need a pumpkin, a hairdryer with a hot setting and some wax crayons. I used Crayola.

Apparently some people glue their crayons on, but my hot glue gun was out of glue [gasp] and so I used some pins instead. It was painful. Next time I use glue. So, with a few holes in my fingers and a few choice words yelled at the appropriate times, I managed to get the crayons into the pumpkin.

Then I hair dried it, around and around the pumpkin top where they crayons were. The wax seemed to be splattering everywhere but on my beautiful gourd in the beginning but I got the hang of it.  When we were finished it thankfully appeared that some of it did stay on. I let it cool and set for about an hour and then displayed it for our little pumpkin lover.

What are you doing with your pumpkins this year?  We’d love to see!

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