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pumpkin patch 2017

Finally, FINALLY we had good weather for a day at the pumpkin patch this year.  It was a bit windy but we headed out and bumped along the path to park our car in the cornfield and head over to the patch.  This was our second year at our new favourite pumpkin patch and we couldn’t wait to see whether the maize maze was there again or the different pumpkins we found last time.   The boys immediately found a wheelbarrow and started loading up, helping each other out for a change.  Yotie decided he’d take a few photographs this time which was so cute.  They also queued in the tent to have their faces painted.  At first Jens said he wasn’t interested, but as the queue got shorter and he saw how happy Beans was with his, he hopped into the chair too.  I had two green ghouls and a spiderman in orange and red.  These might be some of my favourite pumpkin patch photos ever.  I can tell that because I had to split them into four sets to publish on here. Haha.  I hope you all enjoy them – the Pumpkin Patch 2017.

In the event that you’re wondering why these are published right now, it’s because it took me an age to edit them all with other work.  So I’ll leave them here for a few days and then backdate the posts into the right order too.

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Pumpkin patch part 2

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