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Hero has been so lucky this month in that he’s been sent not one but two Brio World Playsets to have fun with!  We took them both on holiday in case there was a rainy day [there was] and we needed something to keep us busy.  The first one we opened with complete joy on Hero’s face was the Brio Airport with Control Tower.

Brio Airport with Control Tower

Brio say: “Time to take to the skies! The Brio Airport Play Set puts you in control of everything, on the ground and in the air. This new star among BRIO airplane toys has a terminal, a beautiful red airplane, a complete baggage handling system with two Airport staff figures – and your BRIO train stops just outside. With all this activity, the bird’s-eye view from the top of tower really comes in handy.”

The Brio Airport with Control Tower set contains the airport terminal with tower, a little landing light, two little Brio people, an airplane and a piece of luggage and averages at around £60.

brio airport with control tower 33883

Brio – it’s one of our very favourite brands. They’re well-made products, sustainable and I’ve never, ever had one break on us.

That every detail of the airport has been thought of – there’s even a little landing light to guide the Brio airplane home!  The luggage can be lifted up and down in the little lift [no people allowed according to Hero] and the top of the tower lifts off to pop the little air traffic controller in.

It’s easy to clean.  And we know that because Hero managed to leave some Brio outdoors last year in the rain for a couple of days and it got completely soaked.  We were convinced it would be ruined but instead when we washed it off, it dried perfectly without swelling and we were all impressed.

That there are even more airplanes that can be bought to complement the set – Hero has asked Father Christmas already [got to love a planner] for the “Blue one with Stairs”.

33627 BRIO Travel Station Set


That the little stairs for getting out of the airplane were included, or some air traffic control flags for the worker.

Brio Airport with Control Tower

Brio Airport with Control Tower

It’s brilliant!  Hero was lucky enough to also review another Brio set at the same time and so we connected the two as you can probably see in the photographs.  We adore the range and it provides hours of fun as our little Lego people also fit the planes and playsets.  We’d absolutely buy this and any other Brio item we’ve reviewed so far.  You can see more of them listed on the Keep Up With The Jones Family toy and game reviews page.

Brio Airport with Control Tower

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