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We were gifted JUNKBOTS for this review.

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I completely missed the unboxing of the JUNKBOTS because the boys were too excited and toynapped them when they went off to see Granny and Grandad. We love Hexbug toys and they’ve got more products out than you’d realise – we had no idea about so many of their amazing products which aren’t what you’d normally associate with the little hexbug robots, like the Nature Babies playsets we reviewed last year.


HEXBUG are widely known and very much loved as a brand of tech toys for kids with roots in creating innovative children’s toys based around insects. I can still remember seeing my first one in a toy store and wondering how on earth something that small worked so well and was so clever – but they always looked so grown up. Now, HEXBUG has a range of entertaining kids toys and other creative products to promote and engage children so that they can develop a love for STEM and STEM products.


Our boys love junk modelling. They cut up everything they can find and jam it together with tape and string, and lose themselves in their imagination….whilst making a HUGE MESS. Now, I’m all for that [and I have very little choice in the matter] but JUNKBOTS offer this on a smaller scare and with no mess at all, AND they combine it with the ultimate unboxing experience.

JUNKBOTS are little trash cans and dumpsters, single and double, filled with bits and pieces to create your own little motorised figures and robot models. They’re apparently powered by alien radiation. Could anything be more exciting?

There are 36 collectible JUNKBOTS…in bits and pieces. The large dumpster enough pieces for the 4 robots inside, the small dumpster has 2 robots in and there’s a trash bin that has one robot inside.

Once you open the trash can or dumpster, root about and find hidden treasures and clues that will help you to build your own JUNKBOTS – or ignore them and build whatever and whomever you please! You can mix and match pieces using the universal socket system and share with your family! What’s even more amazing is that you can animate your bots either with a motor or dynamic vibrations, and light-up energy cores. The only thing I’d say is that as amazing as they are, they can be a little fragile and are more robots for building and admiring than for taking on adventures. That said, they’re brilliant creations.

JUNKBOTS – The more you collect, the more you can create…or so my boys tell me, when they stare at the little cans on Amazon…

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