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We love Marvel.  We do.  But we also have a dark secret.  We’re DC fans too.  How can we not be?  Yotie loves the Joker and could never leave him, and if anyone heard us in the cinema when the Lego Batman Movie came out, they heard just how much Hero loves him too.  So when Herodrive vehicles were sent our way, we knew there was going to be one very happy Hero in our house.  A great big box, full with four cars landed in our porch ready for some fun.

There are three kinds of Herodrive vehicles – let us explain…

DC super friends superman car herodriveFirst we have the super huge Herodrive Bat Racer.  Hero is head over heels for Batmobiles, and so is Yotie.  We all know that Batman has the best wheels.  This motorised Bat Racer is much more colourful than his usual cars, and features lights, engine sounds, and music!  It can be used normally as a car or  transformed into race mode by pushing the windshield forward to make the wings pop out at the sides!  Press the logo on the hood of the Racer for unique Batman sounds, and then push it again to send the car racing forward with its cape flowing dramatically behind! 

The next step down in size are the Herodrive Signal Squad vehicles. These are freewheelers instead of being motorised, and we have the Batman model!  This time by pressing the illuminated logo on front of the car, the Bat Signal is sent out into the night.  We love being able to use the Bat Signal in our games – and it also makes a handy little nightlight torch for the boys if they need the bathroom according to Yotie.   

The smallest Herodrive members aren’t the quietest!  We were also sent two Herodrive Mash Machines – these are mashups of DC superfriends [we have Batman and Superman] and urban vehicles!  They all have flashing lights and character appropriate sounds which can be activated by pressing the grills on the front of each of them.

DC super friends superman car batman herodrive

That the sounds were different for the different superhero vehicles.

That there was a volume control!  The sounds are repetitive and so being able to turn it down would be lovely 🙂

That these are sturdy cars which are pretty robust on adventures.

DC super friends superman batmobile car herodrive

That there are similar vehicles at different price points – and different storage spaces!  There’s something for everyone in the Herodrive range.

Batteries are included – which means they can be played with straight away, no screwdrivers or battery hunt needed.

No assembly needed – these are ready to go from the box.

Our favourite is the Batmobile with the signal – that’s pretty cool.  The boys love using it in other games with Batman toys too.

HeroDrive DC Super friends Batman Vehicle CarWe were sent these toys in return for an honest review

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