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Hogwarts harry potter sorting hat toy

It’s at the top of Jensen’s Father Christmas list this year – a real Harry Potter Sorting Hat!  I first tried this at BlogOn this year and was completely blown away by it.  If you have a Harry Potter fan in your home, this is an unbelievably beautiful toy, which will complete a Harry Potter room, even once they’ve played with it for the millionth time.

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Kids at Play say: “Every wizard’s journey begins with the sorting hat. Place the sorting hat on a young wizard’s head, press the button and as if by magic it determines which Hogwarts house they shall call home.  With an animated mouth and four unique audio responses, this 43cm authentic plush movie replica moves and talks just like the real sorting hat! The sorting hat fits most sized heads and makes the perfect gift for your favourite Harry Potter fan or wizarding apprentice.”

There are batteries needed [3 x AA] but these are included and the Harry Potter Sorting Hat is ready for use!

So, if you’re wondering which house the Harry Potter Sorting Hat will decide for you, have a go!  I’m a Hufflepuff according to the hat, and I’m never, ever trying it on again in case it puts me in Slytherin or something.  Jensen is convinced he’s a Gryffindor – so here’s hoping on Christmas day that he gets his wish – remember the sorting hat should take your wishes into account!  He runs through the talk like in the movie, has a think and then decides where to put you.  I don’t mind saying that I held my breath whilst it thought about me!

That the Harry Potter Sorting Hat is a brilliant gift for Potter fans of all ages.  There’s no one who loves Harry Potter that doesn’t want to know which house they should be in!

That far beyond the playing value, the hat is beautifully made and is a perfect decoration in any Harry Potter fan’s bedroom

That the boys can now reenact more Harry Potter scenes and try it on every person who comes into our home!

The attention to detail – it’s a perfect replica.

JK rowling harry potter sorting hat toy harry potter dumbledore harry potter sorting hat toy

That the motor wasn’t so loud.  It’s pretty loud and sometimes hard to hear what the hat is saying.

That the circumference of the hat was bigger and less rigid – our boys have pretty big heads [all those brains] and it’s not that comfortable to wear for a length of time.

We can’t wait for Fathe Christmas to come – we’re going to have a deliriously happy Harry Potter fan in our home!

We were sent the Harry Potter Sorting Hat in return for an honest review

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