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We’ve been building a Brio Railway this week with the Brio Railway Starter Sets [A & B for those of you who collect them].  We have plastic track trains that we love, but these are amazing. Manufactured from FSC certified wood, Brio tracks are sturdy, easy to clean when needed, and durable.  Durable is a fantastic word when it comes to toys which are played with by little ones.

The sets are made for children aged 3 and over, but Hero loved them just the same and I could find no hazards so long as the little bags were watched.  Just like in real life, then.

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Inside the sets are train track pieces, trains, people and little railway accessories.  The train track parts connect with jigsaw like edges.  Thankfully they’re so well built that they don’t just snap off and can be used over and over again with no impact on the pieces.  The trains are made of plastic and metal in these starter kits, although most of the Brio trains I’ve seen are made of wood and metal.

Brio Railway Starter Sets

The trains are plastic because they can fit little people into them – something we hadn’t seen before in a Brio set.  My boys loved the little people that came with the tracks.  Swapping them in and out, and naming them as family members [I won’t say whom was left at the platform waiting] made them very happy.  The only thing that could have made the little pieces more perfect would have been if the suitcase opened for filling up.

brio goods

As for assembly, I am an awful track layer.  Terrible. I just lack the ability to create a sound track; something always goes wrong.  I try and delay train track assembly until the mister is around or I keep my fingers crossed that the boys want to build their own.  Baby Hero just looks at me and I can practically feel the disappointment in the air as he looks down at me, staring at the curves and straight pieces in confusion.

Left to their own devices, the boys disappeared into a world of make believe; building, destroying and then laying fresh tracks for their little people to chug around the tracks.

These toys are made to last and for that reason alone they justify the prices – they connect with all other Brio Railway products and will be loved for years to come.  What’s even better is that they’re devoid of any character styling from any TV show and my boys’ imaginations can run as far as they let them.

The sets are available at Brio and there’s so much to choose from!

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