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This is a collaboration with Bing Toys

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Hero had a very Bing Bunny Birthday this year.  Me and Gav bought him a slide for the back garden, a big one that everyone could share, and then we took all of the boys to Toys R Us so that they could pick something out each to give to their little brother that he actually wanted.  The plan was to trail him around the shop and decide secretly so that he didn’t see.  It actually worked!  The boys chose him his favourite Bing Bunny toys and wrapped them carefully for him in Olaf’s summer paper, because there had to be some Disney in there somewhere.

Bing Bunny Acamar Films

We already had My Friend Bing from the review we did, and Father Christmas bought us Brenda Blender and Bing’s Phone.  And so together they chose carefully and bought him a cuddly Bing and Flop, the Bing House and Gilly’s Ice Cream Truck.  He was beside himself when he opened it – and then even more happy when in the post arrived Hoppity Voosh and a talking Bing from Acamar Films to say Happy Birthday to him!  All of the boys got Bing! shirts and since then I’ve had to physically strip them off their bodies to wash them.  Hooray for drippy ice cream cones… I’ll bet they’re a Bing thing, too.  I didn’t have Soggy Froggy handy, and so into the washing machine they went instead.

Bing Bunny Acamar Films Review

We were SO excited to learn that Bing Bunny and Flop have also now released their very own Bing Baking app!  The boys LOVE apps which involve cooking – Lyoto tells me on a daily basis that when he grows up he will marry me and be a chef.  I downloaded the app and left Jensen in charge, to see how they got on.  You can see their little video review this week on our YouTube channel!

The very lovely people at Acamar films have also given us a Talking Bing to give away!  We all love different Bing! characters in our home – my favourite is Flop, because I wish I had his patience – and we’d like to know who your little one’s favourite is – or yours if you have one because you’ve watched as many episodes as me… You can tweet us, comment below or on our Instagram!  There’s also a twitter party in the near future where you can win more Bing! prizes – we’ll keep you posted on that too.

Birthdays…. They’re a Bing! thing.

This is a collaborative post

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