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It’s time for Teletubbies again in our home this week! The boys have been reviewing the new toy range to see what we think.

Firstly, we were sent the whole collection Teletubbies Twist ‘n’ Chime toys which the boys fell in love with instantly, and secondly we were sent one of the Teletubbies Talking 8” Soft Toys, Dipsy, which just happens to be my favourite one.  Yes, I have a favourite Teletubby and I have one after 18 years of being asked which one was my favourite, and being told that Lala was off limits [my niece Chase who’s now 21], and so was Po [Hero].   

teletubbies twist 'n' chime

Teletubbies Twist ‘n’ Chime The Twist ‘n’ Chime toys are so much fun.  They’re poseable, plastic 6-inch figures which when twisted at the waist, make a chiming noise.  Our Dipsy Talking Teletubbies toy retail at £9.99 each and are 8-inches tall and super soft and squishy.  Dipsy talks when his stomach is pressed in his adorable Tellytubbies way.

teletubbies twist 'n' chime

teletubbies twist 'n' chime

The soft chimes of the Teletubbies Twist ‘n’ Chime toys.  They’re very sweet and unless purposefully twisted, don’t make a noise and so they can be played with quietly or noisily [guess which choice our boys make].  They’re chunky, bright and durable and look exactly as they should.  With no batteries required, they’re brilliant.

Dipsy the talking soft’s squishiness.  I love soft toys that are actually soft – and Dipsy is Hero’s bedtime buddy of choice now.  Only a gentle press is needed to activate the voice, which is great because sometimes Hero can’t get toys to work that need a part pressing and it gets really frustrating for him.

teletubbies twist 'n' chime

Noo-Noo was in the pack of Teletubbies Twist ‘n’ Chime toys.  We love him.

There’s 25% off at Argos right now which makes them even better value, but these are solid, durable toys which are perfect for taking out and about.  The Teletubbies Twist ‘n’ Chime toys are a great size to pop into your handbag and not at all obnoxious with their chiming noises.  We’d happily buy these, and even though I swore we’d cut down on the number of plushies in the house, Dipsy has found a new home too.

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