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Jakks Pacific PJ Masks Headquarters ToysSince it appeared on Disney Junior, PJ Masks have been a huge hit in our house – so much so that by the time the costumes were released, the boys had already tried designing and creating their own and were bouncing ridiculously on the trampoline to the cries of “SUPER GECKO MUSCLES! CAT BOY SPEED! SUPER OWL WINGS!” Each of the boys thankfully likes a different PJ Mask character which made my life so much easier instead of having to negotiate whether there could be two Connor twins or whichever character they had double the love for.

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Although we’ve been merrily playing with the figures themselves over the past few months, when we were sent the PJ Masks Headquarters to review, the boys were just ecstatic.  The playset is the same shape as many of their others, but with some unique characteristics.  It’s modelled on the totem in the series, and included in the playset are Catboy and the Cat Car.  There are three levels to play with and it’s very, very sturdy.  I say this having fallen over it a few times.

There are other features that make the playset come alive – at our PJ Masks Headquarters, there’s a PJ Picture Player for some motivating theme music so that Amaya, Connor and Greg can activate the goggles for Owl vision, train on the Cat Boy rings, ride the super Gekko slide, trap villains in the tree snarls and shoot a fur-ball from the Spyscope! I’ve also been shot by this a few times – it’s much better than the pointy missiles;  I also like that it has a huge ball on the end as it’s less easy to lose and also not as easy to mix up with the other hundred missiles from playsets that are in our home [read: under our sofa].  There’s an elevator so that the PJ Masks team can play on any level, and a slide for the Cat Cat to whizz down.

This is what happens when you ask three little boys to pose with the PJ Masks HQ set…

Jakks Pacific PJ Masks Headquarters Toys

…the sheer sturdyness of it. It’s not flimsy and feels like it will last.

…that batteries are included!  Immediate play can take place on Christmas day, no screwdrivers needed.

…there was [from what I remember, unboxing this was like a piranha frenzy] very little assembly.

…the little car – it’s fun to have something a little different in a playset.PJ Masks Headquarters Jakks Pacific


It sounded a little bit more like the PJ Mask characters

…again, that all three were included in the set.  There seems to be some aversion with toy manufacturers to actually providing in one box enough for real play to take place with more than one child.  If this was a £20 set, it would be understandable – but at £50 – and this is most playsets, it’s getting ridiculous that there’s at least another £7.50 on average per character to spend.

…that the car wasn’t a cheap version of Cat Boy’s actual car. Jakks Pacific PJ Masks Headquarters Toys

Our Verdict:

The boys have LOVED playing with the PJ Masks Headquarters, and there’s no doubt this will be a huge hit with Father Christmas this year.  If you have the other characters [this Father Christmas just bought the deluxe figure set with little Ninjalinos in it, haha] then you’re in for endless entertainment for fans of PJ Masks!

Here’s the blooper reel…

Jakks Pacific PJ Masks Headquarters Toys

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