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Science is EVERYTHING to Jensen at the moment.  Since he turned 8, he’s been all about how things are made and why the world works as it does.  We were sent two Bandai National Geographic Science kits this week to have fun with.

National Geographic Science Kits

Bandai say: “Serious scientists will love the authentic appeal of The National Geographic range of experiment-based kits. Combining a trusted and well-known brand with fun and exciting experiments, expert learning guides and fascinating subjects, these kits are a hit for girls and boys alike! For example, The Crystal Growing Kits provide all you need to grow and inspect an amazing crystal at home, including a real Fluorite, Amethyst or Calcite crystal in each box to compare with the one you grow. Other exciting kits include Geodes, Build Your Own Volcano and Ultimate Play Sand.

The Dig Kits are perfect for any fossil loving child as each kit takes a real look into artifacts of the past, with all of them complete with three genuine fossils! Available as Gemstone, Dino Fossil and Shark Tooth!”

National Geographic Science Kits

We were sent two kits to play with and they served as a brilliant distraction to me leaving the house [which is somehow not acceptable to the boys at the moment] as they became little miners with their kit.  They took it in turn which was very lovely according to Gav.

The price – at £9.99 per kit, they’re great value.

That each kit contains a piece of the natural world!

That these are hands-on ways of encouraging children into STEM activities.

They take up a good amount of time – at least 15 minutes to do it properly, which requires concentration.

National Geographic Science Kits

National Geographic Science Kits

These are the gemstones they mined out – Tiger’s Eye, Amethyst, and Quartz.  Now we can sail away and bury them on pirate island!  We’re about to start the Crystal lab at Beavers this week, watch out on our Instagram Stories for it!

bandai national geographic

We were sent two Bandai National Geographic Kits to play with in return for this review.

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